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I have many but I will share one about my daughter. When I first started reading the book  I was intrigued and I was working on myself and on my husband. When I started the Emotion Code Certification, my daughter, who was then about 3 or 4, said mommy do it on me! At the time I couldn’t think of anything to work on specifically, so I did it for whatever needed to be released. Then a month later when I was typing my records into the computer, I was thinking if it seemed to help anything and realized that she had not wet the bed (which she was doing at least 3-4 nights a week) that whole month after I had worked on her. Most of her trapped emotions that I had released was from when I started a part-time job and dropped her off at grandma’s. She was maybe 18 months then and grandma said that when I left she sat by the door and cried until she fell asleep. I love the Emotion Code and the people I help and I thank you so much Dr. Brad for the wonderful things you share with the world! – Emily Young


A potential client came to me in desperation one Friday seeking help for her rash. She had had an ongoing problem with this rash on her face for a few years. Several doctors had prescribed different medications (pills and creams) to no lasting avail. As time went on, her condition only got worse. It had spread beyond her face and neck and was now affecting her underarms, which were raw and bleeding. She was in excruciating pain. Her doctor was going to start sending her to specialists in the capitol city of our province. She didn’t want this. I started working on her that day using the Body/Emotion Code. We took three sessions over a period of one week. After the second treatment the rash was barely there. By our third session, it was completely gone and has never returned. Her only regret out of all this was that we didn’t take before and after photos.
 I love this modality. It has done miraculous healing on me, my loved ones and clients. Thank you, Dr. Nelson for being open to providential guidance. Much love – Isabel Hart-Cuerrier 


Since you ask I would like to share a miracle that happened in my practice today (I wrote yesterday, but it landed in the wrong column). A lady in her forties suffered from chronic back pain starting from age 14 because of her bad scoliosis, as she was told by doctors. She is a nurse who loves her job, but since she has been in so much pain, she thought of giving up working. Today was her day! She has read The Emotion Code, but could not test herself sufficiently. I was her surrogate and we tested 15 trapped emotions in the worst part of her back. We started with the first, it has been an inherited one from her grandfather: Self-Abuse. When releasing that emotion we both felt such an energetic shift, that we felt a tingling over the whole body for a few minutes – and the pain dropped from 7 (“today it is not too bad”) to a 2. She could not believe the sensation. Even the best treatment from her favorite physiotherapist had not helped her that much. We continued with another trapped emotion, that time “Horror” from the time when her husband got a very bad depression. She even could not find words about that terrible period in her life. After the release of “Horror” the pain was gone, only a feeling of numbness in the upper left leg felt a bit strange, so we continued with the release of a third emotion: “Vulnerability” from age 26, when she had a very bad car accident. Now she could go home pain free, for the first time of years.

For me The Emotion Code is a revolution in working with psychosomatically suffering people. Dear Dr. Nelson, you should get the Nobel prize for your discovery, truly. Thanks for your work and again, thank you for coming to Germany. We still appreciate your efforts for traveling to Nuremberg so much. Gratefully, Dr. Isa Bittel (specialist in Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy) and many, many now happy patients, who suffered until they came across The Emotion Code – Isa Bittel