We got backyard chickens to eat farm fresh eggs. However, when we got new chicks this year, every day it was so sad to see the older hens bully the young chicks .. sometimes to the point of blood. They wouldn’t let the young chicks eat, roost, drink, lay eggs or even relax in their very large yard run and coop. When we asked professionals and sought solutions online EVERYONE said jokingly, “Just eat the bullying chicken.” We didn’t want to do that. They had become our pets and we wanted their eggs, not their bodies. I had great results relieving my back pain with The Emotion Code so I asked my local practitioner, Richard Cram, if he would do the process on my chickens. He had success with dogs and horses so he agreed and performed the Emotion Code by phone when they roosted one night at nightfall. The next morning was shocking. The chickens ate together, let each other drink, relax and even better, lay eggs in the nests instead of the poop (which in the end is healthier for us). Every day we look at the chickens and cannot believe the stark difference from the one day before to today. In this video you can witness for yourself, there is no bullying. – Michelle Tennant Nicholson