Dear Dr. Brad, thank you so much. On this Thanksgiving day, I want to share with you a case that is actually ongoing, but already miraculous. I usually work with animals and their humans. One of my clients asked me to work with her daughter who lived out of state.

During the third session, the young woman, a mother of a small child, revealed to me that she was prostituting to make ends meet and that her pimp would baby sit while she was out. You can imagine how serious this was for both her and her very young child. I was not sure whether this was out of my league and whether or not to proceed. The young woman could not hear about the safety issues or see any way out. She was totally disconnected. My concern was great, and after much prayer for guidance, came to a knowing, that if I did not continue with The Emotion Code, she would be alone. I continued to remove her Heart-Wall and as many emotions as her subconscious mind would allow.

Within two weeks she got on a plane with her child and went home to her parents; and asked if she could have more sessions with that woman! I want you to know how you have changed the world (and my world). My personal belief, is that nothing else could have reached her. – D.