We received an inspiring email from Diane Beach recently and thought you would enjoy the wonderful message.

Dear Dr. Brad,

I can’t thank you enough for clearing the inherited emotion from my Great Grandfather (“heartache”) on your radio show this morning to rid my long-held (10+ yrs) left hip pain! I’m elated, eternally grateful and overwhelmed all at the same time.

After you went on to another caller, I immediately started to cry and I could suddenly feel my lower back cracking from the left to right and then my pain was entirely gone! WOW! It was very emotional and I’ve even cried since as I am so very grateful for your healing abilities through God.

I’ve told so many people about you after reading your awesome book and now I can say I’ve been healed through you which is even more compelling as so many don’t understand or don’t even want to understand as some say it’s hocus pocus. 🙁

Thank you once again for the wonderful work you share with all of us. You truly are a Godsend! It makes me want to learn how to do it as I so very much enjoy helping others.

With heart,
Diane Bach

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