Thank you FACEBOOK FANS! This past week we asked our Healers Library Facebook fans to share their success stories of healing when they have used the Emotion Code, and the Body Code, to help their clients, friends and family. If you would like to share your testimonials, or stories, please send an email to

Sharon Butler
The Emotion Code is all about stripping away everything that is not really you. At least that’s what it has been for me. Releasing the trapped emotions in my Heart-Wall had a profound effect on my life. Emotions were finally available to me, feelings of love and compassion have been heightened, energy and enthusiasm for my life is sky high. Once I got rid of all the “emotional filters” that I was looking at life through, I felt like I was finally born. Emotion Code is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Now that I am a certified practitioner, I look forward to helping other people reach the same kind of inner awareness and peace. Works for pets too!

Kerry Kennedy
Well..what I thought may come across as a negative, in fact, led my client to have her ‘wake up’ inspiring moment. She has severe arthritis and discovered her pain was predominantly on her right side, filled with inherited emotions from her grandfathers war injury. I worked on a few areas then she got admitted to hospital, to be told her prescribed pills were poisoning her and the doctors didn’t know how she managed so long without noticing gallbladder failure. Anyways, her sister called me to say thank you, for if it wasn’t for her coming to try the Emotion Code a few weeks before releasing the emotions in those areas she may never have known there was deeper things going on physically. Not taken in any way negative the client couldn’t thank enough for this wonderful gift of EC. I am visiting tomorrow and once she has recovered fully she wants to continue the wonderful work.

Katherine Nuyens
Today I worked with a college student raped in Ireland. The emotions were so on track with what she experienced, it blew her away. This client left my office. In freedom!

Audrey Luck Crozier
I’ve used the Body Code to help an acquaintance who was suffering from morning sickness. I’ve also used the Emotion Code with my daughter when she had bad hip pain and could barely sit through her college classes. It’s really amazing!

Beverly Pirtle
Well, it seems that since beginning Naturethyroid for hypothyroidism (which I may have suffered from all my life, since mom was diagnosed with it when carrying me), I am finding even more stuff that I thought I had cleared. …………..weird.

Jennifer Neil
I have used the Emotion Code on someone that had a bad experience with a cardiac arrest while being shot at in Afghanistan. She started a new job in an emergency department about 4 months later from this experience. She was also being treated by a military mental health team and was released. When she was in the trauma bay she experienced a cardiac arrest. I spoke to her in the staff room and asked her, was she cured? We agreed she was not. So I suggested meeting up with her and trying the Emotion Code. I managed to release the emotion PANIC and from reports of another person who also uses the Emotion Code (I have left the emergency dept now) they have been able to manage better with traumatic situations. The one released trapped emotion has made a huge impact, just imagine what would happen if more were released!!!

Wanda Lofstrom
Fibromyalgia……..gone :). Related to being hospitalized when I was 3.
After releasing the Heart-Wall from 3 of my clients, they found love. How powerful!

Israel Paradis
It changed my Life. Thank you Dr Nelson.

Sherri Cousart
I worked with a new client last week who was feeling so drained in the office where she works. She could hardly get out of bed because of the ‘dread’ of having to go in to work. As I was clearing her Trapped Emotions, she could relate to every one that showed up – ‘dread’ was one of them! After the session, she felt ‘free’ inside of herself – like more space within! During the week she reported to me that getting up to go to work was ‘easy’ and when working at the office, she didn’t feel any ‘dread’ or drained with any depleting energies there. She also had energy to spare for some household projects that she had been putting on the ‘back burner’! Also, her cat, who is not affectionate, has been following her from room to room and jumping on her lap wanting her attention and affection! I think because her energy field was cleared, the cat feels good being in her company now! She feels good inside of herself! This week we start removing her Heart-Wall! YES!

Belinda Sue Falgout
My experience with the Emotion Code healing has been one of amazing relief. I am finally able to express feelings from 32 years ago. My life has been opening up from releasing trapped emotions as I become aware of what I have been missing. Each time when we are done, I have had an immediate sense of being lighter and free. I am so grateful for this work!!