I just wanted to share my story as a sincere “thank you.” I stumbled across an article you had written for a new age newsletter that I had found online. I had asked for help during prayer to assist me in breaking what I recognized as an unhealthy relationship pattern. After going through yet another breakup, I had had enough.

Despite knowing my childhood set me up for dysfunctional patterns, I couldn’t break it even with years of therapy and awareness. I took the steps in the Emotion Code and found I had a Heart-Wall. It took 3 sessions, but I managed to clear away all the trapped emotions that comprised the Heart-Wall. I was very surprised at the events that trapped the emotions. I was able to pinpoint several significant life events that were responsible. The funny things is, I thought I had dealt with those in therapy and thought I was over it. I’m 41 and most occurred when I was 10. The biggest of which was the day that my father and mother separated. At 10 years old, I stopped my father from killing my mother. After which he dragged me, my sister and mom to my grandmother’s – me in one hand and a gun in another. What I continued to do when I dated/married, was essentially trying to fix all these broken abusive men by loving them. My little 10 year old self only wanted to fix her daddy by loving him.

This all came to me a few days after I released the first batch of emotions from the Heart-Wall. It was incredibly profound and not at all what I had expected. I suspected I just didn’t trust men after that. The problem was I was just trying to fix them. I still have a relationship with my father who ended up “fixing himself” over the years. I have forgiven him, but not forgotten. Thank you for sharing your information as I can only imagine it’s helping a ton of people just like me. I can only imagine what may be next for me and I hope it’s wonderful.

– Angela Wright