I used the Emotion Code on my cat last night after trying to use it previously. I was sure he was feeling lonely and lost after my husband’s death about 3 months ago. He was with me when my husband passed on and was quite aware of his death. My cat was adopted by my husband about 14 years ago when just a kitten. He was very affectionately attached to my husband. His favorite thing being sitting on his lap and being “loved”. He was really driving me crazy wanting to sit on my lap every time I would sit down, looking for any attention he could get, following me around and crying. I really felt sorry for him and wanted to help.

After watching the DVD about healing animals, Dr. Nelson said the energy field extended about 10 feet around the body so I didn’t have to make a connection in order to test him. After connecting to him and testing myself last night, I was able to release one emotion of heartache. He is much happier today and not demanding my attention every moment he is within my sight. I am going to test him again when I get the chance because I think he still has other trapped emotions connected with missing my husband.

The Emotion Code was the best investment I have made. I quit watching the free webinars of different modalities for healing because The Emotion Code is effective in such a short time. It sometimes blows me away at just how quickly I can find the trapped emotions and release them. Thanks Dr. Nelson for your inspiring work in the field of healing with love, intuition and the magnets. You are a blessing to all who find your teachings. – Marie Parks