I’ve seen the world changing and peoples hearts and minds lightening as The Emotion Code and The Body Code spread around the world on a daily basis.

To say this work is instrumental to our health is an understatement. Every day I hear success stories of how lives have been changed for the better and I am so grateful to see these changes in the people I know and love.

Personally, I have been helped many times to overcome many issues; foot pain, heart ache, resentment, chest pain, and headaches, just to name a few.

It’s amazing to me that some people are not open to natural, non-invasive, non-addiction based therapy like energy healing and would rather visit their doctor first, but all that is changing and it’s happening faster than I ever thought possible. People are awakening to their inner-selves and natural remedies, but it’s up to us to tell everyone we know how much The Emotion Code and Body Code can help them. – Travis S.