I have been a student of TEC for a couple of years now and have helped a number of my friends as well as one of my sister who just doesn’t understand it. I do work for her by proxy and she is much happier and has no idea why. The particular miracle that I want to share is one that happened a couple of days ago. I am also a student of A Course In Miracles for several years. I have been challenged by being stuck in my ego connection and a question was asked of me that turned things around. The question is: What would I want more than the understanding of Truth? What would be more important to me? When I reflected on the question I realized that there is nothing that I value more than Truth, so why am I so stuck? I decided to use TEC to inquire what trapped emotions are holding me hostage to the ego. It was an amazing session for me and I found two of them and was able to successfully release them after a forgiveness process. The peace that I experienced after that session was amazing and it is still with me today. The change that I have seen in myself is that I am more straight forward with people without even thinking about it, and I can offer people clear advice without being concerned about their reaction to my words. I am so grateful that one of my daughters shared TEC with me.  – Elizabeth Alleyne