“One morning, after a light snowfall, I went for a walk through our small town. The trees were feathered with white and were so beautiful! I I came home invigorated and hungry. I fixed myself some breakfast, but as I sat down to eat my stomach started hurting.

“Having recently finished the training section for The Body Code™ certification process, I decided to do some Body Code on myself to help my stomach before putting food in it. I found my stomach was out of alignment due to some recent Trapped Emotions of Worry and Nervousness and one of Low Self-Esteem from age thirteen, all of which I released. Then I tested for an Inherited Trapped Emotion of Hopelessness. It had been passed from father to daughter to son, to daughter, to son etc. and went back twenty-seven generations! I got excited about releasing this Inherited Trapped Emotion and envisioned all the people I was helping.

“As soon as I finished releasing this emotion with 10 swipes of the magnet, I felt a wave of feelings come over me – gratitude, relief, letting go of pain, and then joy. The tears began to flow and I felt as if I were crying a thousand tears for all those people who had carried this Hopelessness, and were now able to be free of it. What a powerful tool this is! I am so grateful to be able to bless my ancestors’ lives in this way.”

~Annelle D., VA, USA

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