My friend Lily had pain in her throat and was very tired. She had been to the doctor but still was not getting any relief. We did The Emotion Code and found a Heart-Wall, made symbolically of dark silver metal like Roman armor. Three trapped emotions were released. They were discouragement at 10 years old, betrayal and feeling unsupported. She reported feeling calmer and happy and slept very well that night. I saw her a week later and found an inherited trapped emotion of abandonment, and a trapped emotion of anxiety from when she was one year old. As we released the emotions, she felt shivers that were leaving her (her own words), and she felt peaceful. The following week we found and released inherited rejection, heartache, hatred, and bitterness. After the session, she reported feeling great energy, feeling more focused and happy. She had no more pain in the throat and was not feeling tired anymore.

Marco is 27 years old. He was feeling confused about his mission in life. He’s brilliant. He has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. When we used The Emotion Code, we found an inherited emotion of discouragement going back six generations. After releasing it, he immediately felt better. We also released a trapped emotion of effort unreceived at 22 years old. His body said this was enough for the session so we stopped. He reported feeling peaceful, grounded and with a better understanding of his mission in life. He is now thriving in a job he loves and in his personal life. I am so grateful to have the opportunity and privilege to witness this amazing change.

~Lorena G.