Cherie has had a weak bladder for a very long time. Sometimes she would have to go to the bathroom three times in the one mall visit, which would have her daughters rolling their eyes. She was worried about starting a new job which would have her visiting people in their homes and being too embarrassed to ask them is she could use their bathroom. We did one session on her and a few days later so told me she was amazed to be able to go to the cinema with her daughters and not once, require the rest room. Not only that, but she went to the supermarket straight after to do a big shop and came home still feeling that she didn’t need to go. She is elated by this shift.

Antoinette has had ongoing pain in her left glute for many years which at times has been severe, often restricting her ability to move much at all. She is a hypnotist and very open-minded, but still admitted to being a little skeptical about my work with The Emotion Code. As we started our session, she could feel a difference after the first couple of emotions had been released. By the end of the session, she was absolutely amazed to have her pain completely gone. She was able to do movements with her leg that she hadn’t been able to do in a long time. Her excitement was so lovely to see. The next day she texted early to say she’d had the best sleep in such a long time and was feeling great. She is going to look into using The Emotion Code for herself now.

~ Zona Quinton