“I read The Emotion Code and started releasing my trapped emotions. What a trip! I had many trapped emotions, some were inherited with very emotional releases about WW ll bombings, Dresden, and bombs. We were looking for bomb shelters with a horse pulling a carriage. The horse was shot. Mother and father were running with us away from the shooting. Our stuff including any food we had was gone.

“There were many difficulties. We experienced hunger, thirst, eating snow instead of water. I had frostbitten fingers for a long time and could feel pain even in Venezuela when my hands got cold. My mother gave birth to a baby boy who died a week later. It was war. After some more traveling, we ended up in the American Zone, in one of the DP camps, an old military camp turned into a refugee camp. Then in 1948, we emigrated to Venezuela. Fourteen years later we finally had the visas to come to the United States. I was 21. We landed in Florida and my brother drove us to Chicago. It was scarier there than in Venezuela. A year later we moved to Houston. We did not like Chicago winters.

“I got married at age 26 and we had 2 children. After 7 years, we divorced and went through the school of hard knocks. I became a single parent. When the boys were teens, I was concerned because my older boy had a lot of anger, especially toward me. It got worse as he got older. I knew that he did not really feel that way toward me, but it was there, the anger and the rage when there was an argument. He got into yelling when he left the Army. Since releasing the trapped emotions in my Heart-Wall, this has not happened. My father and my ex were also prone to emotional outbursts before. By releasing my baggage, I also released theirs. That’s a miracle! Thanks, Dr. Nelson!”

~Nijole O., Texas, USA