“On June 19, 2011 my wife and I were in a horrendous car accident that almost took our lives. My right knee was shattered and I had to have surgery to wire and pin it back together. I was off work for 7 months, and when I went back, it was obvious to me that I was going to have to resign. I was hurting almost constantly, especially while standing the long periods of time that my job required. Then my wife found The Emotion Code® in 2013. She began to work on my leg and knee, and removed several trapped emotions. In a short while, I noticed that the agony was greatly decreased. When it returned, I got another session, and then it was gone. Eventually I found the leg getting stronger. With rehab and my own workouts, my leg is almost back to normal. I can ride my bike again and do things I never thought I would be able to do again, like work on my car and walk without a cane or limping. I believe this is a miracle!”

~Richard M., USA

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