Ever since I started working with The Emotion Code, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to share this with family and friends. They are coming out from all corners as we work with their Trapped Emotions. As one person feels the change, they start calling their friends and family! I’m getting phone calls from all over with a desire to have work done… and from complete strangers.

The differences in their quality of life is what creates the biggest testimony for me and my wife. As we released some of my wife’s trapped emotions, a profound change occurred in one of our sons who has PTSD from his tour in Afghanistan.

Our daughter-in-law was talking with my wife the next day, who mentioned the release and was told that for some reason, our son had come home from work in a very happy mood. This is very unusual for him, but really got her thinking. He works as a Drill Sergeant for a youth rehabilitation facility and is constantly being heavy with wayward boys.

Since that time, we have had some life-changing experiences with them, and in the last couple of days, I’ve worked directly with them—after they initiated the calls—to completely remove their Heart-Walls. They are the happiest we have ever seen them. Before, our son would stay on the phone for no longer than 2-3 minutes before passing it over to our daughter-in-law. In the past week, he has repeatedly called home and talked for over forty minutes at a time, not counting the sessions I had with him over the phone. A new update for our son is that he was just promoted to Head Drill Instructor…a raise in pay and prestige for him and his family.

This has been one of the most revealing and powerful processes I’ve ever been involved with, and I have been pleased to have worked on over twenty-five people in the last month alone. I’ve started a list of different Heart-Walls I’ve come across, and have already listed twenty-two with a few repeats—many of which have been removed and others in the process.

What an amazing system! Thank you Dr. Nelson for listening when you were directed to help us to help others by creating the Emotion Code. I am now a certified Emotion Code Practitioner and I can hardly wait to get into the Body Code!

My sincere appreciation,

Tom Heintz (Washington, USA)