I have been using The Emotion Code for more than a year now on myself, my family and our pets. I am not trained in The Body Code. A few weeks ago, I found myself with a vision problem. Suddenly, I couldn’t see from my right eye. The major part of my vision field was blurred. My left eye was also affected. I couldn’t read, I couldn’t drive, cut vegetables… I couldn’t perform any task needing for me to see what I was doing. I could only use my peripheral vision to somehow get around. It happened rather suddenly. This was very annoying—not to say alarming. I could already imagine what would happen. My active life possibly over. A long wait to see the doctor. Tons of tests. Maybe some drugs. Possibly a neck surgery.

Through muscle testing I understood that this was caused by a cervical subluxation, due to bending my neck too much laying on the couch in a bad position, resulting in the pinching of a nerve associated with vision.

During a Body Code webinar I had heard Dr. Nelson say that a magnet could be used to fix a subluxation in the same manner as it is used for Trapped Emotions. After further muscle testing I was able to release this subluxation with magnet passes along the governing meridian on my head and neck. It went away in a matter of seconds and has not come back.

This is maybe a small feat but it is still proof that a energy medicine and The Body Code do work, even to a layperson. I wonder what would have happened of me had I instead chosen to go see a medical doctor.

Annie Girard ~ Montreal, Quebec, CA

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