I learned about The Emotion Code from my friend, Diana, in Colorado, in February 2013. I knew immediately this was the path I needed to follow. After being an RN for 30 yrs, I could not do that work anymore because of health problems. So I had been asking God for direction and searching for a way to serve those around me. And when Diana showed me The Emotion Code I knew I should learn about it and become certified. In October 2013 I became certified and began working with friends, family and animals. In 2014, I purchased The Body Code and am planning to begin my certification process soon with The Body Code.

I have seen some amazing things with people and with animals. One dog I worked with was a Cocker Spaniel, who was a rescue from California. I met her owner at the Humane Society shelter here in Utah. Her owner reported the dog was deaf and no veterinarian had been able to pinpoint the cause. I worked with her with The Emotion Code and learned she had trapped emotions related to constant noisy, contentious arguing by her previous owners which she couldn’t handle hearing and the emotions changed her ability to hear. After I worked on her, her owners reported that her hearing returned. Amazing!!!!

At the beginning of June,2015, I had abdominal surgery. I have had multiple complications involving infection and bleeding requiring 4 more hospitalizations. Today I have felt so down and was crying. I found 3 trapped emotions-despair, discouragement and crying-in my stomach and released them and was able to felt happier, hopeful and stop crying.

I have struggled quite a bit in my life with depression and often used to feel trapped by this and other negative feelings. I never feel trapped now that I have The Emotion Code and The Body Code because I know I just have to check to see what’s going on and release it and I will feel better. It’s like walking out of darkness into the light. I want to share it with everyone.

Thank you God! And thank you Dr.Brad!

Jane Walker ~ Cottonwood Heights, Utah, USA

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