When I read The Emotion Code book, I resonated with the Heart-Wall stories, and immediately knew that I had one. I had been having pain in my chest for quite a while. I attributed it to stress and had basically just given up on trying to make the pain go away. I have had multiple EKG’s done throughout my life, and they never could find anything. A string of unhealthy and abusive relationships didn’t help the matter. I decided to give it a shot and worked with a staff practitioner. I scheduled a session and was pleasantly surprised at how easily and accurately she was able to pinpoint exact times in my life where I had stored these emotions. On 11/20/17, we were able to clear my 285 miles of my Heart-Wall during our third session together! Since then, the physical pain in my heart has almost disappeared completely. I’m so much more connected to other humans as if an invisible wall has been knocked down. It sounds funny, but men have been noticing me more, ever since then. I’d been so shut down since my recent divorce, and not able to connect with anyone on a deep level. I feel like that is just melting away. I walk with a lighter step and find myself more tolerant and loving in stressful situations. I’m excited to continue the work on myself, and learn about how I can help others to release years of Trapped Emotions so that they can live their fullest potential as well!

~Rachel D.