“The beautiful story of my Heart-Wall is the story of my life for which I am grateful. Moments of joy along with so many moments of sadness and disappointment years ago brought me here today. I am proud that now I can fully understand the meaning of every single tear. It was so worth it the journey and I am planning to continue it.

I am an aesthetician because this is my passion. I also have a degree in Economic Science and have completed four years of medical high school. I was born in Romania 49 years ago. I got married at age 23 to the love of my life who left me seven years later for my best friend. I was heartbroken, extremely sad, and disappointed for the lie I had lived in. I had a 3-year-old son and no hope, but I was able to rebuild my life. That was the moment when I discovered the infinite love of God. Since then, I have felt blessed every single second.

Four years after that I met George, now my dear husband. We will celebrate our tenth anniversary this year. More than six years ago, we were blessed with the perfect gift from Heaven, our miracle beautiful daughter, Emma.

I know I have a meaning and a purpose in this life. I know I can help so many other people. I believe in this spiritual wake-up call that is happening right now, and I am more than grateful to be part of it. With infinite love, compassion and gratitude, I think we can change our world to be a better one.”

~Daniela Boghean, Canada

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