.I wanted to share some recent success using The Body Code with some of my pregnant clients. These three women wanted to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually ready to have the best birth experience possible.

One of the women I worked with was in her 39th week of pregnancy. She had been experiencing terrible groin pain for weeks. We did some work to clear that, and then took a few minutes to check if anything could be done to help with a safe and healthy delivery. One of the things that came up was actually an allergy to birth. This was her 4th delivery. We cleared the allergy and the underlying causes. She gave birth that night and reported back to me that she had a wonderful experience…her best birth yet.

Another client also asked if we could do Body Code work to prepare her for birth. The question that I started with was “Is it safe for me to give birth?” This was her 3rd pregnancy. We released an image of her own birth experience that had the emotions of helplessness and heartache associated with it. We also released a memory of her 2nd child’s birth that had been a very stressful experience. We cleared several other imbalances. Then I felt impressed to ask about the baby: Did she have any priority imbalances that needed to be addressed? Indeed she did. We released those things and also used the question “Is it safe for me to be born?” and cleared the underlying imbalances.

I have learned that asking for help from up above is so important and the correct questions to ask will often come into my mind. All three of these women were so excited by their wonderful birth experiences. I love also that this work can be done from a distance. All of these sessions occurred with people that lived great distances from me. We are able to complete our sessions over the phone. I am thankful to Dr. Brad for sharing this modality and also for a loving Creator that has enabled this healing process here on the earth.

Rachael A. Haines ~ Altus, OK, United States

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