Shaila is one of those little girls that impresses at first contact. This 3-year-old was brought to me by her mother, a patient of mine, because she was suffering from nightmares and was very afraid of male individuals. I began working on the little girl using The Body Code technique and her reactions were incredible. With every passing stroke of the magnet, trapped emotions and imbalances were released. Her contagious laughter filled the room. The therapy brought forth several childhood traumas and as it progressed, her reactions decreased. She was calmer as she concentrated on feeling the healing.

Shaila had spent some time living with her dad at the age of two, which added more instability and emotional harm. Her mom shared that her own relationship with her ex-husband had begun to deteriorate while she was pregnant with Shaila, and she suspected that this had affected her daughter as well. Shaila left the room very happy and gave me a hug.

After a week, Shaila’s mom contacted the clinic to let me know that her little girl was healed completely. Her nightmares and fears were gone. She’s very happy now. Shaila had urged, “Mom, I want you to take me to the guy who has been helping you with your emotions.” Those were Shaila’s words.

~Avelino Lopez