How do you think you would feel in one year if you did The Emotion Code on yourself for just ten minutes every day? You might feel more happy, feel less stressed out or be able to enjoy healthier, more rewarding relationships. You may even notice you’ve improved your physical health or notice that the chronic pain you’ve struggled with has finally dissipated.

Making good habits can seem daunting when you think about all of the other things you have going on every day… But there are already certain things that you probably do without thinking about them… every single day. Brushing your teeth, taking a shower, eating breakfast, etc. Do you have a cup of tea or coffee when you wake up? Maybe you take your dog on a walk every day. Tacking on an extra ten minutes to one of the daily things you do could make spending ten minutes using The Emotion Code a lot easier! Personally, I find it really rewarding to start the day with a cup of coffee, spending that time releasing some Trapped Emotions (and I use The Body Code too.)

Why not try this for yourself? And let us know how it goes!

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