How to let go of the past and build a better future by living life in the now!

Getting caught up in the past is a major obstacle for many of us. It actively blocks us from growing into our best selves and keeps us stunted emotionally and often physically! One of the most important keys to overcoming the past is forgiveness. This includes forgiving others as well as forgiving ourselves. The future need not be dictated by the mistakes of our past; indeed we can turn it around and let the future be improved because of the life lessons we have learned. It all depends on the perspective we can choose to have! Forgiveness of others and of ourselves can be achieved through The Emotion Code and The Body Code, through prayer, meditation, making a conscious decision to forgive, and in deciding to see the beautiful lessons in past mistakes. Do you have any other vehicles for forgiveness that have helped you? If so, please share!

Another major issue that could be keeping us stuck in the past is trapped emotions. These damaging energies often create a vicious cycle where we may repeatedly choose negative feelings and then beat ourselves up for our negative choices and even behavior. We can use The Emotion Code to find any trapped emotions and get rid of them, stopping this cycle in its tracks.

Living in the present means that we are mindful of our actions and how they affect ourselves and others, both immediate and even long term. Being present is also about choosing how we respond and allow ourselves to be affected by the actions of others. It is about understanding that we have control over our feelings and our behavior, and that no one else can “make” us feel anything. When we are in control of our emotions, less time and energy is spent on feeling negative, so we may be able to experience an increase in love and compassion for others instead! This can have a powerful effect on our loved ones and the human race in general. We think that’s pretty cool.

What are some other benefits to living in the present? What are your tools for making proper and healthy emotional choices?