Marketing can be a big deal for your practice. It may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. With this weeks tip we will share a few cost effective ideas to get started and help make your practice more successful.

1. Word of mouth. Encourage your current clients, friends and family to send you new clients by offering a referral plan. We suggest offering current clients a free session for every referral they send you. You may also want to offer a free introductory session for new clients, to get them in the door so they can experience how great your work is!

2. Hand out the Free Emotion Code eBook offer. Nearly everyone who reads The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson has to try it out. Not only will you be sharing this extraordinary healing work, but you will also be promoting your business to potential clients. You can print out business cards, or flyers, with the link to download the eBook. You can also share the eBook online offer link on your website, or social media outlets.

3. Testimonials. Ask your clients if they’d like to share their testimonial so others can be inspired to have the same kind of healing experience. Adding a few testimonials to your website can make a big difference! Also consider adding a few short testimonials to flyers or share them on your online social media profile. It’s especially helpful if the testimonials you use tell stories of healing from various mental, physical and emotional issues.

4. Invite your clients to listen to an Emotion Code webinar or interview with Dr. Bradley Nelson. Amazing things happen in each call, and Dr. Brad really knows how to explain the process easily for even the most inexperienced audience.

What are your Tips for marketing your business?