Showing Gratitude during this wonderful time of Thanksgiving will raise your energy levels and promote healthy living and healing.

One of the best things we can ever do for each other is to share our Gratitude. If we continually surround ourselves with Gratitude our love will grow for each other. Many issues we may have had with our health and happiness will simply go away because Gratitude is one of the strongest emotions we create and by promoting Gratitude within ourselves and others around us we help ourselves to move past our struggles and toward a state of oneness.

Try this test, before you eat your next meal, muscle test it to see if it vibrates at a good level for you. Next, show Gratitude for your meal, now muscle test it to show where it vibrates. Which one vibrates at a higher frequency? Try doing this during your Thanksgiving turkey dinner.

During this Thanksgiving, don’t just tell your friends and family you love them, but show them, by helping them to release their trapped emotions. Even better, why not go for the whole kit-n-kaboodle and release a Heart-Wall, or two?

Just think, by surrounding ourselves with people that are Heart-Wall free, our energy vibrational levels will be off the charts!

So don’t be shy, and show your gratitude for the ones you love by giving them the gift of Heart-Wall freedom and pure Gratitude this Thanksgiving.