Love who you are and you can then love others. By loving yourself you open up your world to unknown possibilities. If you can’t seem to love yourself, no matter what you try, then you probably have a Heart-Wall and trapped emotions causing this. So it’s vital that you have your Heart-Wall released.

If you are working on people with the Emotion Code or Body Code one of the most important things is to open your heart to them and love them. Your connection will be so much stronger if love is involved. If you are doing a session and you feel upset, stressed out, or negative in any way, then stop what you are doing, surround yourself with love for yourself and for your client, and then begin.

Using love in your practice and being aware of loving everyone you come in contact with will open your world to new opportunities and experiences.

Definition of Love: “unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another”.