Tuesday Testimonials: My Fibromyalgia is Gone

I hadn’t been able to drive my non-automatic car scarcely at all for pain diagnosed as fibromyalgia (FM). The pain, for years, had been wretched. On my second session w/ myself (20 minutes) I had to get groceries. I hadn’t focused on the FM, but when I drove all pain was gone, including rolling up & down the windows. I found myself “bopping” around town w/ no difficulty at all. This was months ago & has continued, to my great joy. I did the most work with others in “dire straights” & after a few months gave myself another 20 minutes. This time — and here I want to add that I didn’t focus on the pain — after my session, but this one took a while to notice, I found I no longer needed to go to a neurologist for 3 painful shots to minimize the pain in piriformis syndrome (pinched nerve, essentially in the sits bone area), which meant carrying w/ me a thick foal pillow everywhere I had to sit. This had been going on for many years because after numerous months after my 3 month appointments I hadn’t kept up w/ them, nor needed to. I was just working on emotional issues, whatever came up, and have felt as good or better than the shots did for me.

Many other marvelous “work” done for others. Live changing! – Anara Brinmere in Asheville, NC

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