Tuesday Testimonials: Freed of Fibromyalgia, MS, and Adoption Abandonment

I have a testimony of this work, I have been healed of fibromyalgia, MS, and a myriad of other diseases that I have had all of my life, and I am 62! I still have hundreds of trapped emotions to go but what an amazing gift! Thank you Dr. Bradley Nelson! I thank you for your gift to the world. As soon as I have the money saved I will be getting The Body Code training which I have already been using some of it on myself with great results.
Melissa Munn

While doing my practice sessions for certification, I offered one to a friend of 20 years who I knew to have struggled her whole life with abandonment issues. She was given up for adoption at birth, eventually placed with a family, but the mother died when she was 7 and was subsequently raised by a responsible but emotionally distant parent. At 76, she has worked through many processes to help her heal from the impact these experiences had, with some success, but never fully resolving it.

Our first session released several trapped emotions which were important to remove as they allowed her to face and release the hatred and resentment she’d been unconsciously carrying for that birth mother. It also introduced the Heart-Wall of Abandonment, and would need another session. We spoke between sessions, and she had found herself sleeping better, and able to enjoy more peaceful meditation time, and felt “lighter”, looking forward to the Heart-Wall appointment. I couldn’t have predicted what followed in that appointment.

As often occurs, the trapped Heart-Wall lead us through several questions, and had sub categories, as in Body Code work, where something was caused by something and had to gets its release in order to release the other. A story began to take shape, but it was different from the one she had lived believing. Her birth mother was underage. She didn’t give her baby away, it was taken. She suffered terrible anguish throughout the pregnancy and terrible grief in the birth. Her spirit never disconnected from her baby but longed for it her whole life. My client had never considered this. Her belief was that she had a mother who simply didn’t want her. Tears were flowing from both of us. Discussion of the implications, and, a sense of a presence getting stronger until we both, together, said, “she’s here”. Initially we were both just staring and holding our breath, hoping to see something, I suppose, but then the thought came clearly to me that she needed to tell her mother that she forgave her and she loved her, which she did through tears, but without hesitation. What we weren’t prepared for was the strong, palpable, hug that first she got, and then I got. I jerked, startled by the feeling, looking around me for the person that was unmistakably there, but unseeable. The atmosphere became electric – we were literally giddy, laughing and crying as I am right now, just thinking about it, and so happy to have her mother in our presence. It took a while to calm, and once collected, I extended releases of Confusion and Abandonment to future generations and ended the session as I do with a prayer of gratitude.

The outcome, far greater than we’d hoped, resolved the issue, removed the depressive states, inspired her to become creatively productive and she maintains an open and active relationship with her mother’s spirit, which she loves. Her heart is happy, and the next chapters of her life will be enjoyed with ease.

I live in a retirement environment, and find that many who contact me have similarly been dealing with issues from early childhood, for virtually a life time. When we are younger we seem to feel there is always time ahead to address things, but at some point that “ahead” is here, and if it wasn’t addressed, it’s affecting this last period of our time, which should be enjoyed. I am so very grateful for Dr. Brad’s work and being able to assist people ready to release these trapped emotions, and go have fun!
Carol Haimbaugh, CECP

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  1. Maureen Kidd, RN May 2, 2014 at 9:00 am

    That was such a heart-felt story. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Every session is such an adventure, never knowing where it will lead but always trust that it will take us to a point of healing.

  2. Rachel April 29, 2014 at 5:14 pm

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful testimonials. I am so grateful to Dr Brad for sharing this gift of healing with all of us. I know it is inspired and am grateful for the help I have received and shared with others.

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