All of our staff at Discover Healing work diligently to provide an excellent customer experience and help spread this energy healing work to everyone, everywhere!

Dr Bradley Nelson
Dr Bradley NelsonPresident & CEO
I’ve been a holistic physician since 1988, and am on a mission to teach the world just how easy healing can be! I love teaching, and I love flying as a private pilot, and this job allows me to do both. My wife Jean and I have 8 amazing children and 5 grandchildren between us. My favorite food is probably prepared by a great vegan chef someplace, and I want to go bungee jumping again soon : )
Jean Nelson
Jean NelsonVice President
I am married to Dr Bradley Nelson and we are on a mission to help others discover how to heal and grow a business for themselves with The Emotion Code and The Body Code. I feel so honored and blessed to be able to teach true healing concepts to people around the world. I love spending time with family, traveling, art, movies, reading, writing, and painting.
Dorene Nelson
Dorene NelsonVP of Operations
I love people. I love working with, helping, observing and teaching people. My work as VP of Operations involves the day-to-day activities, organizational development, human resources and events. I am blessed to have a wonderful family and to experience the joy of grandchildren. Thai food is good, life is great and reading near the water is the best.
Kristi Nelson
Kristi NelsonCreative Director
As a lover of holistic remedies and energy healing, it’s been so rewarding to be a part of creating positive change for so many over the last 10 years in our marketing department through graphics, web design and copywriting. I also love writing and playing music, doing aerial silks, swimming, and embracing my obsession with my adorable Pomeranian, Gucci.
Chanelle Lundahl
Chanelle LundahlIT Director
I feel blessed with the opportunity to work with this great company. Growing up in an alternative medicine household I know the power of finding health and wellness through holistic ways. I have seen all the benefits and amazing results that The Emotion Code has brought to the world, and am so grateful to be a part of it!
Josh Nelson
Josh NelsonCertification Director
I’ve always had an interest in the body’s innate ability to heal itself, and have studied it extensively. I received my Bachelors from Brigham Young University in Nutritional Science focusing on biochemistry, nutritional chemistry, physics, physiology, anatomy and biology. I love photography, rock climbing, CrossFit, the outdoors, and spending time with family.
Natalie Nelson
Natalie NelsonContent Strategist
I develop educational products and programs for energy healers. I’m a Certified Body Code Practitioner and have also been T3 Certified since 2001. My own healing journey has given me a profound appreciation for the power of our bodies to heal themselves. I like traveling with my husband, snuggling with our dog, oil painting, yoga, and interior design.
Dirk Dopp
Dirk DoppSupport Manager
In my role as Customer Service Manager, I’m all about making sure everyone is happy and treated fair. I love the challenge of helping support my team with all the variety of questions we have the pleasure of serving. I am outgoing and enjoy spending time with my wife and 5 kids. I love sports and feel the best way to exercise is a good game of basketball or tennis.
David Cuque
David CuqueEmotion Code Certification Supervisor
As the Emotion Code Certification Manager, I have the responsibility that every student is learning and working in accordance with our standards. I ensure that students are being helped by their Student Advisor and that we are providing the necessary tools for success. I love The Emotion Code as it has helped me and others see the world with more positivity and joy.
Whitney Fenn
Whitney FennCertification Department Coordinator
Raised in a holistic family, I have experienced many types of healing modalities and natural medicines. I have been practicing The Emotion Code technique since it’s early years and rely on it and The Body code on a daily basis!
Rachel Paulsen
Rachel PaulsenStudent Advisor
I grew up in a holistic family of chiropractors, including my father, who has been doing energy work for decades. Many of my family members are certified in Emotion Code and Body Code. I believe it’s the easiest and most accurate modality that exists today. I continually use it on myself, my family including our 5 children, and with clients. I am so very humbled and grateful to be working for such an amazing group of people.
Meredith Pond
Meredith PondContent Manager | Copywriter
The best part of my job is digging for the authenticity in a brand and how to articulate it in a way that rings true to both the brand and its audience. In fact, the whole process brings me palpable glee (I’m not kidding). Call me the brand police. I won’t mind! I truly love what I do. I have a Bachelors degree in English from the University of Utah and nearly 20 years of experience as a writer. I live near St. George, UT with my husband, 3 kids and 3 dogs.
Paige Wilson
Paige WilsonMarketing SEO Strategist
Working with Discover Healing is an amazing blessing. I’m a passionate believer in our abilities as creations of a greater power and I’m learning that this work gives people the tools to tap into those abilities. It’s my job at Discover Healing to reach a broader audience, provide answers to the people searching for them, and set them on a path to more self-discovery and healing.
Val Harris
Val HarrisSocial Media Manager
I joined the Discover Healing team with the intention to help support a vast majority of people in their wellness & holistic journey. My main goal is to inspire and engage with our community to improve the quality in each others lives. In my spare time, I enjoy planning outdoor activities with my husband and son. I consider my day a success when I have filled it with love, endless laughter and creativity!
Ann Hession
Ann HessionDiscovery Path Advisor
I have the best job, talking with people all over the world every day and helping them get started with this amazing healing work. I have a background in sales, marketing, and alternative health, was the director of a large wellness center in the early 2000s, and earned a BA in Psychology form Harvard University. I’m a CBCP myself, and enjoy helping bring this healing work to the world, one person at a time 🙂
Rudi Cuque
Rudi CuqueSupport Agent
I’m grateful to work such a wonderful team! I enjoy the experience of helping people, in answering questions and making sure that they are happy. I am Emotion Code certified and am working on the Body Code certification. I love nature and escape outside any chance I can.
Mary Ruiz
Mary RuizSpanish Expansion Director
I am Doctor of Natural Medicine, Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner, Master Reiki, and IET Master Instructor. I am bilingual and have been all over the world teaching The Emotion Code Seminar in Spanish. Along with my work as the Spanish Department Director, I am also a staff practitioner, helping clients get back to their full potential.
Jana Carter
Jana CarterExecutive Assistant
I am a seasoned Executive Assistant and holistic healer who is extremely grateful to be a part of this amazing company and to serve Dr. Brad and Jean in this support role. My passions are helping people and making a difference. I want to live in a world filled with love, compassion and healing with endless books that come bundled with chocolate! When I’m not working, you’ll find me somewhere sunny in water, floating, swimming and playing with my family.
Viviana Miza
Viviana MizaSupport Agent
One of the things I enjoy the most is living a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy foods, exercising and taking care of my emotional/psychological health. I also love music, the outdoors, traveling, cooking, dancing and natural body building. My sister who works for this company introduced me and now I am also part of the team and I LOVE it!
Anna Fox
Anna FoxStudent Advisor
My ideas are constant and flowing. As a Customer Service Agent, I enjoy using my innovative nature to assist customers and ensure they are getting star treatment from a customer happiness Rock Star. I love writing novels and am working towards publication. Spending time with my handsome husband and three beautiful daughters is my greatest gift in life.
Erin Robb
Erin RobbSupport Agent
Being healthy is an ongoing quest of mine. I appreciate learning about my body and the complexities of what makes it work. Helping others on their journey to being emotionally and physically healthy is a joy to me. I also love playing the piano, singing old country songs, and soaking up sunshine.
Becky Killian
Becky KillianQuality Assurance Manager
I love to connect with people and to help them succeed. It is satisfying to see others discover that they are empowered and can make profound changes in their lives. As Quality Assurance Manager and Webinar Coordinator, my work days are always interesting and varied. I love books, movies, nature, dancing and designing dresses, but my family brings me the greatest joy.
Drew Nelson
Drew NelsonVideo Editor
I have been working with the Discover Healing team, editing our webinars and videos and posting online. My favorite subject is sociology, I like nature walks, philosophical debate, theater, cinema, animation, gaming, playing the guitar and piano, singing, writing, spending time with my family and friends, and being a complete nerd in general.
Barbara Jacquemin
Barbara JacqueminStudent Advisor
I was born in Belgium but raised in Mexico. I have been practicing different healing therapies for over 15 years and have studied reiki, lymph drainage, acupuncture and meditation among others. In my experience, the Emotion Code and Body Code are the best methods available. I am grateful to be part of Discover Healing and to help students in get certified in the Emotion Code. I have a practice in Mexico City and I speak French, Spanish and English.
Diana Lardizabal
Diana LardizabalStudent Advisor
I was was born in the US, and raised in Central America. I am now a Certified Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner. Before I knew anything about energy healing, I always felt a strong inclination towards natural healing; and felt the body was able to heal itself. I am passionate about helping humans and animals discover a better quality of life. I am happy and honored to be a Student Advisor in The Emotion Code Certification program.
Susanne Hufnagel
Susanne HufnagelGerman Manager
While in Medical School I studied what western medicine has to offer, which is a lot, and I’m grateful for that. But I knew there was more! I did not rest until I was guided to find the Emotion Code – not by coincidence. It made all the difference in my life! And to be able to take it even further with the Body Code! It helped me to regain my life, my health and well-being, and also many of my clients experienced the same thing.
Lana Nelson
Lana NelsonStaff Practitioner
I love teaching and empowering others! My passion is creating magical fun and fabulous food with my family. I am a seasoned intuitive and have personal experience with my own recovery using the amazing techniques in The Body Code.™ I am a Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Biofeedback Therapist, and Certified Massage Therapist. I am author of The Food Codes, Intuitive Eating for Every Body.™
Connie Merrell
Connie MerrellStaff Practitioner
Wendie Edwards
Wendie EdwardsStaff Practitioner
I graduated from Brigham Young University in Nursing in 1997. I am currently working to obtain my doctorate in family medicine. Today, I serve as a staff practitioner, research specialist, and RN over professional nursing and medical associations.
Patricia Howell
Patricia HowellBookkeeper
I have been working as a bookkeeper with Wellness Unmasked since 2011. The success and expansion of this amazing company is owed to the gifted and committed folks who are helping and healing on an individual basis. It is my honor to serve in this supportive role. My passion has always been music. I’ve been told that I insisted on piano lessons before I could even read. It’s my pleasure to serve as Principal Organist at St. Francis Episcopal Church in Great Falls, VA. for the past year.
Becky Castro
Becky CastroDiscovery Path Advisor
My favorite thing is talking to people and helping them. I love answering questions about energy healing and helping people decide what track to take, either to start with Emotion Code Certification or Body Code 2.0, depending on their specific goals and desires. I am a certified Business Coach, have been an entrepreneur since I was 27, and have been doing energy healing since I was 16!
Inga Urbanc
Inga UrbancGerman Student Advisor
Helping people has always been my favorite thing to do. I have always been interested in other types of medicine, healers and energy healers. My path led me to the emotion code book, which got everything rolling, from there to the seminar where I learned that everything was so simple and obvious, to certification as a practitioner of the Emotion Code® and then of the Body Code™. Once these doors are open there is no going back and now it is my pleasure to help people on their way to certification