Certified Energy Healing Staff Practitioners

Our Staff Practitioners are highly experienced and have trained extensively with Dr. Bradley Nelson. Staff Practitioners work with a limited number of people, providing expert energy healing support for physical and emotional issues. Working with professional energy healers can be done at a distance, so feel free to schedule an appointment with any of our practitioners – no matter where in the world you live!

Please note that Dr. Bradley Nelson is not taking appointments at this time. The best way to see Dr. Brad in action is to attend a seminar!

Josh Nelson
Josh NelsonECP1, BCP2, BCP3
Connie Nelson Barton
Connie Nelson BartonECP1, BCP2, BCP3
Mary Ruiz
Mary RuizECP1, BCP2, BCP3
Lana Nelson
Lana NelsonECP1, BCP2, BCP3

How Can Expert Energy Healers Help You?

Our expert Certified Staff Practitioners help clients with a wide variety of issues every day! Working with one of these wonderful energy healing practitioners may help you resolve these issues and more.

  • Heart-Wall
  • Trapped emotions
  • Blocks to financial success
  • Physical discomfort
  • Emotional issues
  • Headaches
  • Back discomfort
  • Morning sickness
  • Anger issues
  • Blocks to accessing creativity
  • Sleep problems

  • Skin imbalances
  • Trouble with conception

  • Beloved pets

What is Proxy Testing and how is it done?

If you have read “The Emotion Code,” you have gained an understanding of proxy testing. In case you need to refresh your memory, here’s an excerpt of “The Emotion Code” for your review:

When someone has been given authority to act for someone else, we commonly refer to the authorized person as a proxy. A proxy is someone who acts as a substitute. In proxy testing, the proxy temporarily “becomes” the person being tested. By voluntarily putting themselves into the position of standing in for someone else, a proxy can be tested as if they were the subject of the testing, allowing their body to be used to benefit the subject. Proxy testing is most useful when you want to help someone who is not present or who is inaccessible for some reason.

When you release Trapped Emotions from someone at a distance, it is a form of remote or distance energy healing. Although remote energy healing has not been incorporated into Western Medicine, it has been practiced both anciently and in modern times by those who practice The Silva Method, Qigong, GungFu, Reiki and other respected techniques.