Lana Nelson
Lana NelsonCECP, CBCP
Hours: M-Th 10am-3pm
Time Zone: MST
Weekends: Upon Request
Evenings: Upon Request

Along with The Body Code™ and The Emotion Code™, Lana is a Certified Biofeedback Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Massage Therapist. Lana is a seasoned Medical Intuitive and has a gift for healing. This enables her to give you fast in-depth insight in your sessions. Lana has firsthand experience of being completely healed with the techniques used in The Body Code™. After a serious car wreck Lana suffered for 10 years with severe headaches and Fibromyalgia Pain. Having a thriving happy family of 12 children and 33 grandchildren as well as her soul mate of 21 years, Dr. Bruce Nelson, has given Lana a LOT of personal experience with family relationships. Her mission is to help you have freedom from your distress whether physical or emotional. She is deeply touched when her clients say, “Thank you for giving me my life back!”

  • morning-sickness
  • sadness
  • inability to conceive
  • physical and emotional pain
  • weight
  • Heart-Walls
  • financial and emotional blocks
  • anger management
  • skin imbalances
  • back discomfort
  • sleep
  • beloved pets

Questions about working with me?

Lana offers these sessions:

Each session may include (but is not limited to) the release or correction of Trapped Emotions, structural imbalances, energetic circuits in the body, and recommendations to address nutritional deficiencies and toxicity. Sessions can either be working toward general wellness, or targeted to address specific physical or emotional issues.

Email Sessions

Email Sessions are done solely via email by the Staff Practitioner with no appointment involved. After placing your order, our staff practitioner will email you an intake form. Please make sure to submit the intake form so our staff practitioner receives all the information needed to conduct the session! After the session is complete, you will receive an emailed report detailing exactly what was done. Convenient!

Phone Sessions

Phone Sessions are scheduled appointments with a Staff Practitioner. Along with being on a call with your practitioner, you will also receive a written emailed report detailing exactly what was done.