For Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioners

When you complete your certification, the journey doesn’t end there! We offer opportunities to continue your education, deepen your understanding, provide support for questions that arise and so much more through our Practitioner Education Program.


Deepen Your Education With:

6 Hours Per Year of Quarterly Zoom Calls

These recorded and archived calls will include foundational principles taught by our leading experts, an interactive question and response session, plus a 20 to 30 minute live energy healing session.

Exclusive Access to Additional Hours of Webinar Content

Access additional hours of topic-specific webinar content for all levels! Plus our library of previously recorded webinars and previous certification level videos are available to you.

Your Listing as an Active and Verified Practitioner

Enjoy the added visibility of your placement on our Practioner Map, with an active badge to show your dedication to continued learning. This is the easiest way for new clients to find your services!

Why Enroll in the Practitioner Education Program?


How Does The Practitioner Education Program Work?

“So in psychotherapy we have mindfulness, we have some other techniques like EMDR for the releasing of trauma, especially posttraumatic stress disorder. What I have found using the body code is that we now have access to this trauma and it releases it at a moment when these blocked emotions got trapped in the body. So we get it even earlier before the memory has start out or maybe even the trigger has been somewhere locked in our body.

This is a gentle approach. It gives empathy. And so I really do feel this is the new and improved EMDR because we can access the trauma without re traumatizing the client. The release, the satisfaction, the fulfillment is all here, which is love. So we’re accessing this self-love, right? We’re accessing the love that connects us with source or connects us with creation.”

Pamela Steele - M.S. in Microbiology, Licensed Professional Counselor

“ I lost my husband to cancer and being able to work on myself and release the heart walls, the heart wall emotions that I had around his death, really was profound for me and gave me the ability to move forward and to help others. I do see a lot of people that have lost a loved one and it is the hardest thing that I’ve ever gone through, but it has made me stronger and a work like The Emotion Code or The Body Code can really bring you through a very traumatic and difficult time and I’m living proof of that.”

Catherine Ruivivar - Certified Body Code Practitioner and Energy Healer

“When I first read the book, The Emotion Code, I think what I was seeking was being able to heal myself rather than going to practitioner after practitioner and not receiving really any healing…it was super exciting to be able to take something so simplistic and not only be able to do it on myself, but to be able to see the results of it so quickly… it is so simple and so fast that I think my brain needed a moment to catch up because I was so used to thinking that things needed to be challenging. They needed to take a long time in order for something to be released or to be healed. And so I quickly learned that that wasn’t the case…”

Barbara - Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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