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What Is Muscle Testing?

Muscle testing is a practice that is used to tap into the subconscious mind in order to answer questions about physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It’s a noninvasive method that can be used to determine the underlying causes of ailments and afflictions an individual might be suffering from, identifying everything from nutritional needs to Trapped Emotions.

How Muscle Testing Works

Our bodies live and function on principles of biomagnetic energy. While our conscious mind is mostly oblivious to these energies, our subconscious minds are intimately connected to and affected by them. They are responsive to positive energy and congruency, and they are resistant to negative energy and incongruency. It is this tendency to seek out or reinforce positive energy, and to avoid or refuse negative energy that allows us to perform muscle testing.

We tap into this relationship between the subconscious mind and energy by asking “true/false” questions, and then checking the body’s response. Checking the response can be done a number of ways, but is often done with methods like the Arm Test, where the subject simply holds one arm outstretched in front of them, parallel to the floor.

The tester then places two fingers on the subject’s wrist, and asks a question, placing a small amount of pressure on the wrist. If the subject’s arm resists, that is a “strong response,” and it equates to a “yes” answer. If the arm gives way under the pressure, that’s a “weak response,” and equals a “no” answer. This strong response/weak response is the basis of muscle testing, and is what allows us to get answers to help the recipient.

Can I Muscle Test Myself?

You can also perform muscle testing on yourself, using the same principles. This is most frequently done with the Ring-in-Ring Test, where the tester makes interlocking rings with their fingers. When the questions are asked, the tester gently pulls the rings apart, attempting to separate them. Resistance (the rings staying together) indicates an answer in the affirmative, while a lack thereof (the rings breaking apart) indicates a negative response.

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Muscle Testing by Proxy

Muscle testing can also be done by proxy. By definition, “proxy” means to stand for or represent someone, and it’s no different here. Muscle testing by proxy is used when the recipient themselves, for whatever reason, can’t be present. In these cases, a “proxy” is used in their stead, allowing the tester to pinpoint problems even when they don’t have direct access to the recipient. This can be done either with another person acting as the proxy, or the tester may act alone as the proxy himself, using self-testing to achieve a better understanding of the malady.

For instance, if the tester is trying to uncover John’s trapped emotions , but John is not present, the tester may either act as proxy himself or use another person (let’s call him “Bob”) as the proxy. Either way, the tester will need to establish a “proxy connection“ before answers will be accurate. One way this can be done (using our example names) is by testing Eric, and asking him if his name is John. At first, the response will be negative. Repeating the question several times, however, will establish a link between Eric and John, so that Eric will then begin testing effectively for John.

Once this proxy link has been established, Eric can be tested in place of John, with the answers received applying to him rather than to Eric. Testing then follows the same procedure as normal.

Issues That May Affect Your Ability To Muscle Test

There are a few common issues that may interfere with your ability to conduct muscle testing. The first is dehydration. Dehydration can have a number of negative effects on the human body, and muscle testing is no exception. You will find it difficult to get an accurate response from a patient (including self-testing) if their body is dehydrated. Likewise, you will struggle to read responses accurately if you are lacking hydration as the tester.

Applying too much pressure as you test can also interfere with results. You need only a nominal amount of pressure to determine a strong response or a weak response. Applying too much pressure will make it difficult to determine the subtle difference between these two, giving you inaccurate testing results.

You can also experience difficulty muscle testing if you are suffering from misaligned neck vertebrae, if you are dealing with certain Trapped Emotions, or other difficulties that will make you less receptive to positive energy. Perhaps most importantly, though, you will struggle most if you cannot properly trust your results. Muscle testing requires a certain amount of faith and trust, trust that a Divine Creator can help you determine what ails your patient. Know that you are serving Him by serving them, and that if you are performing the test properly, you will be able to interpret the response correctly.

How Do I Become Certified in Muscle Testing?

Muscle testing offers a host of life-changing benefits, and can help you and those within your circle of influence to live happier lives. If you’d like to be able to start putting this wonderful tool to use for you and your loved ones, you may want to become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, as thousands of others have around the world.

The Emotion Code is a methodology developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson during his years of practice as a holistic chiropractor, and is an incredibly powerful yet simple way to use muscle testing to find and release ‘emotional baggage,’ or trapped emotional energies that are left over from the traumatic and emotionally charged events of your life. Based on the idea that the body has a programming-like “code” that can be both read and rewritten, Dr. Nelson’s book The Emotion Code

Dr. Nelson is also the creator of The Body Code, a self-study course on energy healing, which enables anyone, with a minimum of training, to find and eliminate virtually any of the imbalances that are the underlying causes of illness and malfunction in our lives. At the heart of the The Body Code is patented software that enables muscle testing to be be transformed into perhaps the most powerful self-healing tool available in the world today.

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