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The time to transform your life and start your dream healing career is now.

LEVEL 1: Emotion Code Certification

Emotion Code Certification is the best way for you to begin your career in energy medicine, even if you’ve never considered it before. This program will take you by the hand and teach you everything you need to know about The Emotion Code to empower you to be an effective healer. You will learn how energetic imbalances create emotional and physical problems. As you learn to master muscle testing in this certification course, you will be amazed at how quickly you’ll be able to identify Trapped Emotions and release them, restoring function and the opportunity for lasting health. You’ll learn how to open hearts and see lives blossom.

As an Emotion Code Practitioner, you may see pain instantly diminish or leave the body just by releasing Trapped Emotions. Depression and anxiety and other devastating emotions may be replaced by tears of joy. Imagine how grateful your loved ones and clients will feel as you help them resolve issues that they’ve struggled with for years. Imagine how glad you’ll be that you took the time to really learn how to do The Emotion Code and become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner.

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Some words from Dr Brad:

“It has been a goal of mine for many years to teach people how to balance their own bodies and improve their own health. The Emotion Code (Certification Program) is helping to fulfill this dream of mine.
Some of the greatest satisfactions in my life come from teaching people just like you — bringing out the healer in them, practicing the healing arts myself, and experiencing the joy that comes from helping others to be well. It is my sincere hope that you will learn the powerful yet simple healing methods that I teach, put them into practice, and improve your own health, and the health of your loved ones and those around you.
I believe that each of us has a destiny to fulfill, and a mission to perform while we are sojourning on this earth. It is a sacred calling to help those who are ill to recover, and there is a ripple effect that occurs when someone is healed. Their life, lived fully, touches many others, and can spread out through time and space to eternity.”

Dr Bradley Nelson
Author of The Emotion Code

If you’ve been feeling the call to step into your power and make healing a greater part of your life then The Emotion Code Certification Program is for you.

Becoming a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner will empower you to help yourself and others to heal. It will also help you in ways that you may not have considered. Choosing this path will allow you to break free from your life of lack, struggle, and frustration for more freedom, abundance, and joy. Here are just some of the ways a career in energy healing will open up your world.

start healing

start a career

Work from anywhere, anytime. Think beyond working from home. As a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, you can work from anywhere, allowing you to travel and explore the world as you’ve always dreamed. And wouldn’t you love to set your own work schedule?

Make a difference in the world. No more feeling unfulfilled about your work. With a career in energy healing, your work is literally life-changing — even life-saving. Rewarding? Definitely! The world needs compassionate, caring people like you now more than ever. Live a meaningful life by being the difference in someone else’s life.

Unlock your earning potential. No more working for someone else’s bottom line or feeling limited by a set company salary. With your own healing business, you’ll determine your own fees and income. Overhead is super low. Perfect scenario!

What is Required?

The Emotion Code Certification Program is self-paced and can be done entirely online. You will have a student advisor from Discover Healing assigned to help you, to answer your questions and review your work as you are learning.

You have six months to complete these requirements:
  • Submit tuition payment

  • Submit two Letters of Recommendation and a Student Bio

  • Complete the e-learning course with videos and quizzes

  • Take a Final Exam

  • Practice performing sessions and complete a Student Portfolio

  • Sign and submit your Certification Agreement

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I’m Glad I Became Certified!

“Being a certified practitioner has allowed people from all over the world to connect with me and begin their healing journey. I now have an energy healing practice that is growing month on month to a level where (after only 6 months) it is already bringing in a significant financial contribution to our household.”

Hazel M., Body Code Practitioner
My Calling is to Help Heal Others As a Certified Practitioner… and Now I Can!

“Since releasing my Heart-Wall, I’ve been much more focused and decisive about my calling to help heal the world. I find that I’ve had no problem having clients to work with while working on my certification. Before releasing my Heart-Wall, I was not sure that I could do this certification or that I would even complete it. It took me several months to actually ask anyone to do a session with me. After my Heart-Wall clearing, I was much more confident in what I’m being called to do and started having sessions. I realized I am pretty good at this and I love it!”

Tara B., Emotion Code Practitioner
One Experience Convinced Me to Become a Certified Practitioner

“My friend has a 4 year old boy. They said he was “born grumpy.” The boy didn’t smile, always had a frown, was not happy, was barely speaking, and had regular nosebleeds every 2 weeks for the majority of his life. This boy truly looked like life was a burden for him. They’d seen a few specialists over the years but found nothing was wrong with him physically.
I had a strong feeling he would benefit from Applied Kinesiology. Through muscle testing, I found that he wanted The Emotion Code. I explained to my friend that I’ve read The Emotion Code book and it is remarkable how much it assists with healing. Since her little boy’s issues were emotional/mental, I asked if she wanted me to give it a go. I explained that I wasn’t certified yet but she is a friend and I wanted to help. It seemed that there was only positive experience to be gained.
In a less than a week’s time, the boy was smiling, playing with other children, and was happy and talkative. He has only had 1 nosebleed in 3 weeks. It has been more than 3 months now and there has been no bleeding whatsoever. The boy loves his life … and that makes my heart sing. Miracle? I do believe in miracles and The Emotion Code is one of them!”

Marketa R., Emotion Code Practitioner

What are you waiting for? Transform your life and start your dream career
as an Emotion Code Practitioner now.

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Through The Emotion Code Certification You’ll Learn:

You’ll be able to grow beyond the basics of The Emotion Code and expand your healing career as far as you wish, with additional programs and certifications.

LEVEL 2: Body Code Certification

You can continue in your healing studies by becoming certified in The Body Code after being certified as an Emotion Code Practitioner. You will gain more access to all the imbalances of the body, unlocking the next level of healing to further master the body’s signals and find lasting results.
Whatever your goals are, the first step is Emotion Code Certification. After that, the sky’s the limit!

Level 2 enrollment requirements: Completion of Level 1- Emotion Code Certification and purchase of The Body Code 2.0 Healing System

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