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It’s a patented, revolutionary energy balancing system that’s intended to help you uncover root causes of discomfort, sickness and suffering in body and spirit — so you can have the opportunity to make corrections right on the spot. Our goal is to help you identify the underlying causes of your physical or emotional concerns, then release them in minutes so you can start feeling like yourself again.

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What if you could know exactly what you, your loved ones, or your clients truly needed when they’re suffering — and be able to help in an instant?

What if you could prevent disease before it strikes?

What would it feel like not only to live a happy, healthy life but save thousands of dollars in healthcare costs because you could keep your body in a relative state of healthy balance?

With The Body Code™, it is possible!


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The Six Areas of Imbalance

Dr. Nelson postulates that imbalances in these six areas may be the underlying causes of all disease. That’s why it’s so important for you to be able to identify and release the imbalances in your own body, so that you can restore your body to perfect balance and health once again. While there are no guarantees, The Body Code™ patented software is intended to teach you how to quickly and painlessly remove these energies to restore balance and energetic harmony. It may also help you to know what you need more of to support balance and function when something is missing.

How The Body Code™ is designed

The keys to The Body Code™ lie in two important concepts:

Accessing knowledge of the subconscious mind through “muscle testing”
Basic principles of energy medicine


Our premise is that the wisdom of the body is not held in the conscious, active mind, but in the subconscious mind, where the record of every experience, thought, feeling, or memory you’ve ever had is stored. We believe the subconscious mind exerts an unseen yet profound influence over how we behave and feel — and it’s also keenly aware of exactly what your body needs to get well. It’s our belief that to access these vast stores of knowledge, we need to bypass the conscious mind and speak directly to the subconscious. This is where muscle testing comes in.

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To understand how energy healing works through the use of The Emotion Code™, it’s important to recognize this truth: The body is made up of pure energy. Every organ, every bit of tissue … indeed, every cell of the body is made up of energy. But there’s more. All of the non-physical aspects of yourself — your thoughts, your beliefs, your memories, your emotions — are also made up of energy. When viewed from this energetic standpoint, you can see just how easy it really is to effect change, and how true and lasting wellness really is possible. But not all energy is created equal!

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Master Energy Healing with The Body Code™

Even if you don’t have a background in energy healing, The Body Code™ can help you learn to master it.

It’s designed to empower all those who use it. You may be able to identify exactly what’s causing the presented problems, and how to help the body achieve a state of healthy balance.

The Body Code™ is your key to…

Releasing offensive and negative emotional energies

Integrating and balancing systems, organs, glands, and chakras

Identifying toxins like heavy metals, chemicals, microbes, and EM spectrum

Discharging the energy of pathogens causing infection and infestation

Supporting alignment of skeletal structure and all soft tissues of the body

Identifying specific deficiencies in diet, sleep, lifestyle and more

It doesn’t end with physical wellness

The Body Code™ was designed not just to bring relief to physical conditions. It’s amazing just how far it may go to balancing lives. By identifying and releasing underlying energetic imbalances, you may quickly feel connected to your true self. As you use The Body Code™, you may clear false beliefs, negative images, and other emotional baggage to feel happier and more at peace than ever before.

Strengthen your relationships and find true love – When you release the negative energy of past emotional experiences related to love, relationships, and family ties, you may free your heart and open up to the possibility of true and lasting love of all kinds.

Pave the way for freedom and success – Unleash your creativity and have the opportunity to attain higher levels of success by freeing yourself of limiting beliefs, patterns of failure, and self-sabotage that may be hiding in your body as energetic imbalances.

Shatter money blocks – Unlock your potential for wealth and abundance by releasing the imbalances that may be causing money blocks and other limitations.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities of unlimited health and happiness?

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Whether you are new to energy healing or very experienced, the techniques described in this program are designed to awaken your potential to restore health and wellness. We believe that first, you can balance yourself and second, you can help others do the same with these techniques, no matter what your prior level of experience. All you have to do is follow the system—it’s step-by-step—and utilize the tools that are provided. While we can’t guarantee your results, we think you’ll be pleased!

All of the information that you need to create the opportunity for wellness with The Body Code 2.0 System is contained within the program. We believe anybody can do The Body Code™, no matter how old, or young! Like a pocket dictionary, use only the parts you feel you need to be effective on any problem.

The process of using The Body Code™ is designed to be efficient because it is so well organized. You will have the opportunity to learn how to utilize the techniques very quickly—some are confident within a few hours, some take a few days, other people take a couple of weeks. Once you know how to utilize the tools, you only need to spend a few minutes per day or week with The Body Code System. Your health is certainly worth this small amount of time and attention!

Our premise is that muscle testing is an easy way to communicate directly with the subconscious. Many people have experienced a brief introduction to this technique and then tried it (most with great success)! But if you are in the minority that has not been able to achieve a result, it could be that you have a blockage in the way of getting clear answers. We provide a great deal of training and support about how to get accurate answers with muscle testing. And we also have Staff Practitioners who can help you to determine if there is something that is blocking you from getting clear answers or trusting your muscle testing. It could very well be an easy fix.

We’ve designed The Body Code 2.0 System to be so easy to use that even children can use it! Click and go. If you prefer, our friendly support staff will help you get started.

Restoration and balance happens in layers. You can’t force it, and it’s not possible to provide any guarantees. Some people have what they consider a “miraculous” outcome the first time they utilize The Body Code™. Others take several weeks or months before their main concern may be resolved. Sometimes the more serious the problem is, the longer it can take to get results. But that is not always the case! The best thing to do is check yourself daily to see if you can release anything that is standing in the way of your happiness, abundance or health and release it. Just stick with it and allow changes to happen when your mind, body and spirit are ready.


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