Where should I begin?2018-12-13T15:46:20-06:00

Here is an overview of our course offerings and the Healing Path that is available to you!

Step 1. It’s best for most people to begin with The Emotion Code by reading it and trying it out. The basic understanding that The Emotion Code will bring to you will provide a wonderful basis for all your healing work in the future. The Emotion Code is available in bookstores in many countries and online at Amazon.com, and is currently available as a free download at www.EmotionCodeGift.com.

Step 2. If you’d like to really master The Emotion Code, we offer the possibility of becoming a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, which also gives you the opportunity to charge people for the healing work that you are doing.  The Emotion Code Certification Program  is done entirely online, is a prerequisite to Body Code Certification, and consists of the following:

  • Pay the registration fee of $897 (retail $997)
  • Complete the online Bio, where you tell us who you are and little about yourself
  • Watch all the online videos, take the online quizzes and the final examination
  • Work with 30 individuals–either 20 humans & 10 animals, or 26 humans & 4 animals, and document your results online
  • Submit two letters of recommendation or a copy of your current health care providers license online
  • Electronically sign the Emotion Code Practitioners Agreement

There is no travel required to become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, and you will have six months to complete all the coursework. Most people receive their certification in about half the time allowed. Once you certify in The Emotion Code, you may begin taking paying clients and releasing trapped emotions on them!

Step 3. Purchase The Body Code System and become familiar with it! Dr. Nelson’s Body Code System is the world’s most advanced self-study course on energy healing, and is built around a patented mind mapping system that enables you to access the subconscious mind to totally unlock all your healing abilities. You may purchase The Body Code at any time for only $997, whether or not you intend to become a Certified Practitioner. For more information or to order, please visit: www.BodyCodeHealingSystem.com

Step 4. Become Certified Body Code Practitioner. There are 2 prerequisites to fulfill before signing up for the Body Code Certification course, and they are steps 2 & 3 listed above.

The Body Code Certification Program  is done entirely online and consists of the following:

  • Pay the registration fee of $1,297 (Retail $2,297)
  • Watch all the online videos, take the online quizzes and the final examination
  • Work with 20 individuals and document your results online
  • Electronically sign the Body Code Practitioners Agreement

There is no travel required to become a Certified Body Code Practitioner, and you will have six months to complete all the coursework. By becoming a Certified Body Code Practitioner, you will be joining an elite group of healers around the world, and you will become more adept and skilled at your work.

Step 5. Take additional trainings! In 2018 we will be making available higher levels of training in The Body Code, so stay tuned!

What is the difference between The Emotion Code and The Body Code?2018-12-13T15:49:10-06:00

To put it simply, The Emotion Code is a part of The Body Code. The Emotion Code only deals with the emotional imbalances, and while 80% of the imbalances we suffer from are emotional in nature (and can cause many different physical issues), The Body Code covers the complete spectrum of healing and includes a way for us to find all of the imbalances we may be suffering from.

The Emotion Code is a portion of the puzzle that makes up The Body Code as The Emotion Code only deals with the energetic, emotional imbalances.

The Body Code deals with 6 different main types of imbalances…
1. Emotional Imbalances- emotional, post-traumatic, allergy or intolerance, mental, offensive…
2. Toxicity Imbalances- heavy metals, free radicals, EM spectrum, chemicals, microbial
3. Circuitry Imbalances- organs, glands, chakras, disconnections, meridians..
4. Pathogens Imbalances- parasites, fungal, bacterial, viral, mold…
5. Structural Imbalances- bones, nerves, muscles, connective tissue, organs and glands…
6. Nutritional Imbalances- Ph imbalance, foods, herbs, nutrients, dehydration, magnetic field…

The Body Code teaches you how to find imbalances (whether or not there are symptoms) and explains how to balance the body by releasing these imbalances.

Learn more about The Body Code Healing System.

Do I need The Emotion Code or The Body Code?2018-12-13T15:49:28-06:00

We are often asked, “Can The Emotion Code help me with [insert issue here], or will I need to use The Body Code?”

First of all, we have seen all kinds of problems helped with the Emotion Code and the Body Code. Remember that the underlying cause of all disease/conditions/symptoms is imbalance; the most common underlying imbalance that drives all symptoms is trapped emotions. The Body Code allows us to fill in the blanks by giving us a very simple way to ask the subconscious mind what other underlying imbalances there may be, whether they are from pathogens, nutritional deficiencies, toxicity, structural imbalances, circuitry imbalances (such as chakras or acupuncture meridians), emotional energies and so on.

While we do often see amazing results in using The Emotion Code alone, it is hard to say whether or not there are deeper imbalances that would need to be tested with The Body Code.

It might be helpful to work with a Certified Emotion Code or Body Code practitioner to see what is contributing to your problem at first, or learn to work on yourself.

FIND A CERTIFIED PRACTITIONER: Find a practitioner on our Practitioner Map or with one of our Staff Practitioners

We don’t currently have practitioners in all parts of the world, but the nice thing is that, since this work is mostly done at a distance anyway, you can actually choose any practitioner that you want to choose, anywhere in the world, and it works just as well as being there in person!

We always like to emphasize that The Emotion Code and The Body Code are never to be used to treat disease; instead, they are used to remove the underlying causes of disease, allowing the body to heal itself. This may seem like a fine distinction, but it is important to point out. We allow the medical community to treat diseases. We just remove imbalances.

What is the Practitioner Map?2019-01-31T15:09:58-06:00

Once you have completed The Emotion Code Certification program, you will have the opportunity to post your practitioner listing on the Practitioner Map. This listing is available with a Premium Membership to DiscoverHealing.com. This membership also gives you access to the Premium Member Content and webinars available exclusively through DiscoverHealing.com. (You may subscribe or cancel your subscription at any time.)

Our Practitioner Map utilizes a Google Map that shows the Certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioners around the world that have elected to be on the map. That way, anyone from anywhere in the world can contact our practitioners and book appointments with them, which can then be performed either by proxy or in person. By signing up for our premium membership, as a certified practitioner, you can be added to the map!

Learn more about our Premium Membership
Learn more about The Emotion Code Certification Program

How do I book a session?2018-12-13T15:51:01-06:00

If you’re looking for a practitioner of either The Emotion Code or The Body Code, the 2 best places to look are:

Our Staff Practitioners, here you can make an appointment with one of our staff practitioner

The Practitioner Map, where you can see our entire list of practitioners worldwide!

Please remember that Body Code Practitioners have to be Certified in The Emotion Code before they can be Certified in The Body Code, so they do have a higher level of training.  Also that you don’t necessarily have to find a practitioner who lives near you, since most of our practitioners do their work by proxy. This opens up the entire world for you! Simply find a practitioner that you would like to work with (and they can be literally anywhere on the planet) and get in touch with them!

Many have asked but Dr. Nelson’s time does not allow him to work with clients anymore, he has personally trained some of his staff to do sessions with clients. Our staff practitioners are very skilled. Sessions can be booked with any of these staff practitioners.

Where to find Biological Dentists?2018-12-13T15:51:38-06:00

Here is a list of dentists who are recommended by Dr. Bradley Nelson & Bill Henderson.

Author of Beating Cancer Gently… Click to Buy Now

Approved Natural Dentists


Dr. Russell F. Borneman D.D.S.
1218 29th St., Suite A
Anacortes, WA  98211
(360) 293-8451


Dr. Thomas Seal, D.D.S.
9750 Northeast 120th Place, Suite 1
Kirkland, WA  98034
(888) 542-7805


Dr. Anne Meyer, D.D.S.
1660 North Coast Highway
Newport, OR  97365
(541) 265-8551


Dr Michael Rehme, D.D.S.
2821 N Ballas Road, Suite 245
St. Louis, MO  63131
(314) 997-2550


Dr.Stuart Nunnally, D.D.S.
Nunnally, Freeman & Owens
2100 Highway 1431 West
Marble Falls, Texas  78654
(888) 690-3646
(This is the dentist who did Bill Henderson’s “dental revision” in July, 2010. He is one of the top two dentists in the U.S. Period. People come to him from all over the world.)


Dr. Roberto Villafana, D.D.S.
2505 Paseo de Los Heroes, Suite 703
Tijuana, Mexico
or 2505 Trail Marker Place
Chula Vista, CA 91910
(619) 819-9217


Dr. Johann Lechner
Grunwalder Str., 10a
D-81547 Munchen, Germany
Phone:  49 089 6970055


Dr. Graeme Munro-Hall, B.D.S, FIAOMT
Dr. Lillian Munro-Hall, B.D.S.
4 Rushey Ford Rural Business Park, West End Road
Kempston Rural, Bedford MK43 8RU
Phone:  01234 840099
(Very competent dentists. Lots of good feedback. They would be my first choice in Europe.)


Dr. John Ahearne, B.D.S., M.Sc.
Dr. Mary Ahearne, B.D.S., D.P.D.S.
30 Bournemouth Road
Poole, Dorset BH34 0ES
Phone:  01202 741622
(Another competent dentist couple,.  They would be my second choice in Europe.)


Dr. David Hefferon, B.D.S.
106 Harley St.
London W1G 7IE
Phone:  0207 9355281
(He would be my third choice in Europe, only because I don’t have as much feedback on him.)


Dr. Douglas Cook, D.D.S.
10971 Clinic Road
Suring, WI  54174
(920) 842-2083
(His book “Rescued By My Dentist” is quite impressive. 55 years in dentistry, at least 35 of it in “biological dentistry.” He is probably the “world’s greatest dentist.”)


Dr. Diane Meyer, D.D.S.
Fairview Medical Center
412 W. 63rd St., Suite 102
Downers Grove, IL  60516 (suburb of Chicago)
(630) 968-5567
(She knows me well. Near the top of Dr. Hal Huggins’ list, as well as mine.)

Social Media Links? Where You Can Find Us Online!2018-12-13T14:41:20-06:00

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Are Magnets okay to use when Pregnant?2018-12-13T14:42:56-06:00

Even though magnets are generally considered to be safe for everyone, we recommend that you use the fingertip method to release trapped emotions and other imbalances just to be safe. If you think a woman may be pregnant, we recommend you use your fingertips for releasing imbalances by passing them down the governing meridian as an alternative to using a magnet. This technique will work just as well as long as your intention is clear to release the imbalance.

Permission to Quote “The Emotion Code” or “The Body Code”2018-12-13T15:47:06-06:00

If you would like to quote “The Emotion Code” or “The Body Code” on your website or promotional materials, thank you! We appreciate your efforts to get the word out to more people about this wonderful healing work!

Here are the simple rules you will need to follow:

  1. When quoting directly from The Body Code or The Emotion Code book or ebook in a book or other publication, footnote the quote following accepted practice.
  2. Include a link back to DiscoverHealing.com
  3. Before publishing or releasing your quoted content, please message us at Support@DiscoverHealing.com so we can quickly review it.

We wish you great success in your endeavors to help us change the world, one person at a time!

Can I use “Emotion Code” or “Body Code” in my domain name?2018-12-13T15:47:22-06:00

For various reasons related to our Emotion Code trademark, we ask if you’re going to start a site about The Emotion Code or related to it that you not use “Emotion Code” in the domain name. Try using “EC” or “TEC” instead, or another variation. We’re not lawyers, but very good ones tell us we have to do this to preserve our trademark. Also many users have told us they find it confusing.

“Emotion Code” in sub-domains is fine, like “emotioncode.example.com” – we’re just concerned about top-level domains, the .com itself. If you already have a domain with “Emotion Code” in it, you may redirect it to the “EC” equivalent, just as long as the main one users see and you promote doesn’t contain “Emotion Code.”

We’ve told this to anyone who has ever asked us, we just wanted to make it public so more people could be aware of this policy.

If you see others with Emotion Code in their domain name, and you should contact the owner with and share this information. Thank you!