Unlock your subconscious beliefs and remove negative programming for elevated spiritual well-being

Remove negative belief systems in the subconscious mind with this groundbreaking new form of energy healing. Building on foundational concepts taught in The Emotion Code, the Belief Code™ takes it even further.

Belief systems may be made of negative programs, limiting beliefs, faulty core beliefs, broadcast messages, images, Trapped Emotions and more. By using muscle testing, you can ask the subconscious mind yes or no questions to determine what may be holding you back from aligning with your highest self or achieving your goals.

Principles of The Belief Code

Foundational Tools to Begin with Now

Pre-requisites to The Belief Code Training

Muscle Testing

Try our new muscle testing course, including videos and transcriptions to help you learn 3 different types of muscle testing and practice at home.

The Emotion Code

Get The Emotion Code Starter Kit for FREE now to learn more today, or enroll in Emotion Code Certification to become a professional energy healer.

The Body Code

Gain access to The Body Code through the Discover Healing App and unlock the hundreds of different types of imbalances, easy to pinpoint with just a few clicks. Once Emotion Code Certified, you can become Body Code Certified, which is our Level 2 Certification program.

To immerse yourself in your energy healing education, we recommend going through our Certification programs in our self-paced online courses. Learn more about Emotion Code and Body Code Certification.

In the future, we will offer a Belief Code Training through our Certification Programs.

Please stay tuned to learn more!