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Exciting Changes Coming in 2020 for The Emotion Code and The Body Code

As technology advances, we’re making some exciting enhancements to The Emotion Code® and patented Body Code method and software. We’re developing a new product called The Discover Healing App, which will be your all-in-one tool, encompassing both The Emotion Code and The Body Code. [...]

2020-06-08T13:30:09-06:00November 21st, 2019|Announcements, Articles|19 Comments

Gastrointestinal Problems Healed After Years of Suffering!

I had been troubled with reoccurring lower abdomen discomfort for years. My PC, my Gastro Doctor and my OB-GYN put me through diet changes, I spent weeks on Prilosec, had colonoscopies, got X-Rays, didnt eat after 4 pm... and on and on to no avail. I would wake up during the night with the sensation that my digestive process was stuck!

2017-09-20T19:47:32-06:00August 5th, 2014|Testimonials|0 Comments

Emotion Code Practitioner Spotlight: Sonora

I have learned several healing modalities, yet when I was very ill I found when I used divine guidance with The Emotion Code my results seemed to be more effective. I noticed quicker results. The Emotion Code is not stifled by fear it is filled with an infinitesimal amount of possibilities. It seems our medical/drug industry rules by fear and granted people keep going but...I wonder about the results being sincerely effective.

2018-08-14T16:31:26-06:00July 30th, 2014|Practitioner Spotlight|0 Comments