We would like to introduce you to Tahereh Ashchi,  Certified Body Code Practitioner from Lake Alfred, Florida. Once you finish our interview with Tahereh, feel free to contact her for a session with the info provided below.

How did you find out about The Emotion Code and how long have you been practicing?
I have been practicing The Emotion Code since 2009 and passed my Emotion Code exam Feb. 13, 2012.
How do you think The Emotion Code compares to other energy healing modalities?
I love it. I know that what I am releasing is gone 100% and this is very important to me. Also, knowing exactly what the emotion is is most helpful so I am aware of it.
What advice would you give to those that are new to practicing The Emotion Code?
Keep going. Keep your attention and focus on your work and listen to the talks Dr. Nelson gives periodically.
What are the differences between The Emotion Code and the westernized medical/drug industry?
The Emotion Code is natural with no side effects to the body other than sometimes having the processing effects from releasing an emotion. It is uplifting and creates inner peace within me. Unlike Western Medicine, I never know which area of the body it is going to effect and potentially cause harm. I really go to the doctor only for diagnosis and I take care of the rest by natural mean of energy work, foods and spices.
Do you have a healing story using The Emotion Code that you could tell us about?
Absolutely. When I found The Emotion Code book, it had been about 6 months since I had my first heart attack. I had 2 in one month, in addition to liver and kidney attacks. My doctor told me I had 2 days to live and suggested I stay with my parents so I ws not alone when I died. I kept doing energy healing which maintained me on so some level. I was depleted from enzymes which were drawing from the organs, and I was depleted of B12. This was in addition to everything else. I did my best to maintain myself. Stopped some stressful issues (my body couldn’t deal with them anyway.) I found the book and I borrowed it. It took me 3 months to study it because my focus and concentration were extremely weak. However, I would read a little, do it in my mind, and when I had it perfect, I would move to the next chapter. When I did the emotion code on someone for the first time, it was as if I had always done it. Came to me very easily and effortlessly. Now, all my organs are in many folds better, my heart-wall has been released. It took a long time to get my health to this level. Thanks God I am fine now!
If you could tell the world about The Emotion Code in one sentence, what would it be?
The Emotion Code begins to help immediately, is easy, comfortable, and permanent. It creates better health and stamina and improved attitude. We need it even when we don’t realize we do.
Where do you see the future of energy medicine headed?
I pray that it becomes on the very top list with foods, herbs and spices.

Tahereh’s Contact Info:
Email: EnergeticVitality@gmail.com
Phone: 1-863-956-2442
Address: P.O. Box 563, Lake Alfred, Fl. 33850-0563
$70.00 per session