This is a question we hear all the time. Muscle testing is based on the knowledge of your super-powerful subconscious and the tendency your muscles have to obey it. Ask a yes or no question, and then see how strongly or weakly your muscles respond with a variety of simple exercises. Sounds pretty cut and dry, right?

Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way!

Occasionally, even very experienced muscle testers may feel insecure. They may wonder if their conscious mind is influencing their answers. And if you’re just starting out, this can be a big stumbling block to energy healing until you feel like you’re “over the hump.” Here’s some insight which, when practiced consistently, should help you break through or get out of a muscle testing slump.

“Believe in Yourself”

You’ve heard that phrase a million times. But take a minute to reflect on belief, and what it really means to believe in yourself. People usually relate it to confidence or self-esteem, and those things are relevant. But when you believe in yourself, you trust yourself.

  • You trust in your decisions
  • You trust your intuition
  • You go with your gut or follow your heart

Have you ever taken a “leap of faith”? Have you ever taken a step into the darkness, and been so glad you did? Or have you had your doubts but forced yourself into a leap, and then looked back and wondered what you were so afraid of? 

When you’re muscle testing, whether you’re brand new to energy healing or have been doing it for 25 years, doubt is your enemy and belief is your ally. This is easier said than done; it takes practice. Sometimes you might feel like you have to “fake it ‘til you make it” and that’s okay. Forget your doubts and proceed. 

Don’t overthink muscle testing — we call that analysis paralysis. Just like most things in life, mistakes are inevitable, but if you keep trying, so is progress!

A Faith Lesson From Hollywood

Remember that iconic scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where actor Harrison Ford is making his way through the life-threatening obstacle course that leads to the Holy Grail? At one point, the only way to progress further is to cross a massive, dark chasm with nothing but steep stone on either side. It’s way too far to jump, and falling means certain death. And not only does he need to get to the Grail before the villains do, but he’s trying to save his father’s life in the process.

It takes Indy a minute to remember that faith is the key. He takes a pause to focus on that, and then steps into nothingness. When he comes down on that foot, there’s suddenly solid ground beneath him. Within a few steps, the path appears before him and he crosses safely. But he had to take the step first! 

The powerful message Hollywood gave is that pure belief is powerful. And that if you trust — in yourself, in your Higher Power — amazing things can happen. If you believe in energy healing, this may be a fundamental idea to you. 

Relax…it’s Just Muscle Testing

Thankfully, your experience with muscle testing doesn’t need to be so dramatic. You won’t plunge to your death if you get the wrong answer or don’t believe hard enough. Muscle testing is safe, non-invasive, and doesn’t hurt. Can getting the right answer make a big difference in someone’s life? Absolutely! But…

  • It’s okay if it takes time to get there 
  • It’s okay if you stumble a bit
  • It’s okay if you don’t get it right the first time

Don’t put pressure on yourself to be perfect. Don’t entertain the doubts that enter your mind. Instead: 

  • Fill your mind with gratitude that you can do this 
  • Feel so much love that there’s no room for doubt 
  • Connect with your Higher Power, who wants you to succeed 
  • Believe that you can, and you will

Our muscle testing course is designed to help you succeed with energy healing modalities like The Emotion Code® and The Body Code™. If you have tips that have helped you overcome self-doubt in muscle testing, please comment below. You might help someone else change their life and the lives of others.