Our natural world is an amazing resource for re-energizing your body, mind, and soul. Think about what happens when you step outside of your door into nature. You might breathe the fresh morning air, notice the light on the horizon, or feel a gentle breeze skim across your skin. You may see the wind move the leaves in the trees and hear birds singing nearby. Maybe you notice that as you absorb the sounds and sights of nature, you feel… better. Being in nature can give you a sense of contentment, presence, and peace. There is a modern-day awakening of our connection with the earth’s energy and how we can use it to heal ourselves and others. So, how can you harness that feeling to improve your life? Read on to learn more about the healing power of nature.

Grounding in Nature

All of nature is connected – it works together harmoniously. When you are in nature, or around the creative energy of the earth and all that lives on it, you can sense the peaceful slow vibe that nature has. It seems that nature promotes its peaceful effect upon each of us. You feel better because something actually shifts emotionally as your physiology changes. Your body relaxes and begins to tune into that slow vibration. If you stay in nature long enough, you may feel like you are part of it because actually, you are! We don’t think about it much but we know that we enjoy how we feel when we are connected to the earth, to clean air, clean water, the warm sun, and beautiful plants and trees.

Have you ever noticed how you feel walking outside barefoot through the grass? Or when you stroll barefoot down the beach where the cool water meets the warm sand? Just imagining one of these scenes probably brings some positive feelings or memories to mind for you. This act of connecting to the earth is called “grounding” or “earthing”. There are more benefits to grounding than what meets the eye. By walking barefoot on the grass you are getting rid of some of the harmful free electrons that you have been carrying around in your magnetic field. The earth helps you to discharge them. In modern life, you are continually being bombarded with electromagnetic energy from cell phones and other digital devices that you use every day. Grounding gets us closer to being our more natural selves again.

The Importance of Nature for Your Health

Our modern lives often move us away from these natural health benefits. We typically spend the majority of our day indoors, and we often stare at a computer screen more than we look out the window! We listen to the sounds of cell phone notifications more than we hear the wind, listen to the sound of a stream or the chirping of birds.

How do you feel when you spend time with Mother Nature?  You likely feel refreshed, happy, and connected to Earth, Creator, and even to humanity.  How do you feel when you are cooped up for days in front of a computer or a TV?  You probably feel weighed down, unhealthy, and disconnected. Getting out into nature is how we recharge our batteries – our bodies and spirits need that fuel that nature can provide. Spending time outdoors is part of leading a balanced life, and has both mental and physical health benefits. 

Nature’s Health Benefits:

Man jogging through the forest with sun rays behind him.

Nature’s Healing Energies

There are other processes that occur in our bodies that help us to feel nurtured and connected when we’re in nature. Studies have shown that when we’re in a room with plants as opposed to a room without them, our stress levels go down. Cortisol levels drop. Alpha waves change in your brain, even if you just look at pictures from nature!

Negative emotional states of mind such as anger, depression, anxiety, and aggression reduce when people are in touch with nature. Research done in sleep studies shows that grounding a person to the earth during sleep improves the quality of their sleep and reduces stress. 

In a 2009 study, the medical records of 345,143 Dutch people were assessed. This research revealed that people who live within a kilometer of the woods or a park are healthier than those who don’t. People living in urban areas, away from green areas, were found to have a greater incidence of 15 of the 24 conditions. Within the city, people who exercise outside, like jogging in a park, are found to be healthier than those who exercise in a gym. Those in the urban areas had more depression and anxiety than those living close to green areas. It seems that nature is really good at balancing the human body and mind.

Nature as therapy is becoming widely recognized around the globe, especially in Asia. They are building nature-centered healing centers in forests to help people overcome emotional and physical pain and stress to improve their well-being. It would make sense to plan the development of hospitals, homes, workplaces, and schools in settings where people inside could see nature through their windows and walk outside to be in a green setting. 

Nature and Energy Healing with the Emotion Code and Body Code

We’ve listed Nature Therapy as a section in the Body Code™. This is because it’s something that we humans really do need, and can support our health in many ways. You may find that this section will show up as you use the Body Code. 

Providing yourself with Nature Therapy can look many different ways! It could be a morning walk through the park, putting some live plants in your home, or growing a garden. 

If you don’t find yourself choosing to spend time in nature, you might use energy healing to determine if you have any energetic imbalances that are keeping you from doing so. You might use the Emotion Code® to release any associated energies that are holding you back. 

For Emotion Code and Body Code practitioners, we recommend trying out a session in nature. The next time you would like to have a super powerful energy healing session, try finding a peaceful spot in nature (forest, lake, ocean, river, mountains, park) and doing a session. There is so much more energy flowing naturally that we are able to channel when we are in nature as opposed to being in an office or house.

25 Ideas To Help Boost Your Energy with Nature

1. Take a walk on a local hiking trail.
2. Grow a garden, windowbox, or potted herbs. Or, consider joining a community garden if you don’t have space in your own home.
4. Take a dip in a lake, river, or the ocean.
5. Visit a local flower garden and smell the blooms.
6. Eat natural, organically raised produce and food.
7. Practice yoga, tai chi, or any physical activity in an outdoor space.
8. Meditate in nature.
9. Take a camping trip, and enjoy waking up in nature.
10. Walk barefoot in the grass, and observe how you feel.
11. Spend time at night stargazing.
12. Sketch an animal, plant, or landscape scene as you observe it.
13. Enjoy a delicious picnic outdoors.
14. Go beachcombing or rockhounding to find special seashells, rocks, fossils, and more.
15. Join a local walking group, and grow your community while communing with nature.
16. Hang a bird feeder outside your window and observe your new bird visitors.
17. Visit a farmers market and enjoy fresh produce.
18. Fill your home with indoor plants.
19. Try exploring the natural world through photography. (Even just using your phone to capture images can help you appreciate small details.)
20. Participate in an organized trash clean up, or spend a few hours picking up litter on your own.
21. Educate yourself about local flora and fauna, and notice the creatures and plants you see while you’re outdoors.
22. Watch the sunrise or sunset.
23. Pick up a new outdoor hobby, such as snowshoeing, birdwatching, paddle boarding, or anything else you’ve wanted to try.
24. Visit a national or state park.
25. Read a book or listen to a new album outside.

PLUS, a Bonus Tip for Connecting with the Earth’s Energy:

Take a trip to an energy hotspot! All over our beautiful earth, there are locations where natural, healing energy is especially powerful and in abundance. Both healers and the sick seek out these energy hot spots to learn, recharge, and meditate. A trip like this can be power-charging for your energy field. 

Natural Energy Hotspots:

  1. Sedona, Arizona
  2. Machu Picchu, Peru
  3. Easter Island, Chile
  4. Energy Vortex in Montana 
  5. Findhorn, Scotland
  6. Lake Baikal, Russia
  7. The Pyramids of Egypt
  8. Mayan Ruins, Tulum, Mexico
  9. Lhasa, Tibet
  10. Ayers Rock, Australia
  11. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  12. Glastonbury, England
  13. Es Vedrà, Spain
  14. Stonehenge, England
  15. Haleakalā Volcano, Hawaii
  16. Mount Shasta, California
  17. Lake Atitlán, Guatemala
  18. Uluru, Australia

There’s a simple beauty in feeling connected to the greatness of nature, feeling that you are a part of the whole. People are happier when they feel like they belong to something grand! The intelligent energy of nature is there to help you to be happier and healthier. It seems that with nature, we have been given a special gift.