Do you run or own an alternative holistic health company? Ensure success and stand out in the industry by making smart, effective marketing decisions. The following tips can help you market your business in a manner that grows your client base and boosts your bottom line!

Marketing Your Small Business

1. Expand Your Network

The more people you can connect with, the greater your chances for success become. Always have business cards with you and don’t pass up an opportunity to grow your network of connections. From specific networking events to different clubs to neighborhood gatherings, there are endless opportunities for growth. Remember to always remind family and friends of your business, too, as they may be happy to send potential clients your way.

Not sure how to explain the work you do as an energy healing practitioner? Read our article containing scripts that quickly and easily explain energy healing, the Emotion Code®, and the Body Code™!

2. Be Genuine

All too frequently, holistic health companies put out products or services that don’t align with their values or mission. For example, if a company claims to be “green” and “environmentally aware” but packs their products full of artificial fillers and ingredients, or uses excessive, non-recyclable packaging, they leave customers feeling cheated and disappointed. When it comes to marketing your alternative energy healing business, be certain that your products or services are genuine to your message, values, and identity.

Being genuine is also important when it comes to how you treat your customers and clients. In addition to running a consumer-centric business and developing products and services that fit the needs of your clients, you should also remember to thank them for their business. Sending a simple thank you card or following up to ensure the customer is satisfied is a great way to make a positive impression and boost your word-of-mouth marketing efforts.

3. Fine Tune Your Website

In today’s business world, having an attractive, user-friendly, and informative website is absolutely critical. While you may already have a website, revisit it to ensure it has all the necessities, including:

  • A biography or “About Us” section that explains your skills, products, and services, making sure to include reasons these can help satisfy potential customers’ wants and needs.
  • Clear, professional-grade photos that give readers a visual idea of what your business is like. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and including several thoughtfully taken photos of yourself, your employees, business, products, and clients is a great way to grab the attention of readers.
  • A blog or regularly updated articles. Not only do these additional website pages help establish and solidify your credibility, but by strategically targeting and including the right keywords, you can also improve your site’s search engine optimization and boost traffic.
  • Links to any of your business’s social media profiles like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Testimonies from real people help readers envision themselves working with your business and also build trust in your brand.
  • Clear contact information in various, obvious places throughout your website to ensure that others can easily get a hold of you.

By having a professional website, you can increase your chances of expanding your clientele and getting noticed in the world of holistic health. 

4. Promote Yourself as an Expert for Interviews

Dr. Brad has shared the Emotion Code and the Body Code with millions of listeners through interviews. In fact, it has been one of his main goals. Why? Because from a publicity standpoint this is one of the fastest, easiest, and least expensive ways to create a buzz about what you are offering. We suggest you start locally and try to let your potential clients in your area know who you are. Contact your local radio stations, local news outlets, podcasts, or local internet websites that might make a good fit with the Emotion Code and the Body Code. 

Then, don’t stop at the local level! Get out there and tell the world about your services. Here’s how:

  • Search online for media outlets that would be a good fit for you personally. Think about what your niche expertise is, and what you can offer these outlets. What are you an expert on? You might search for a holistic Radio Show, Holistic Health Podcasts, or Natural Energy Radio. Even if you only do a google search for these topics, it will give you thousands of listings. Search through them because most will not apply to what you are looking for.
  • Once you find a media outlet that you’d like to reach out to, do some research about them. Find out what they specialize in (you can always adjust what you talk about to fit the radio show). Contact the outlet by emailing them, or calling them. Make sure you are clear and concise about what you do, and what you can offer them. Let them know this is groundbreaking, very exciting, and can help their fans. If you have done interviews in the past, give them a link so they can get an idea of who you are. Additionally, send them links to your own website, or the Discover Healing website for additional information. Make sure you keep in constant contact with them. Remember to add any appearances on radio shows to the Press Section of your website so potential clients or publicity people that get a hold of you can see what publicity you’ve gotten. Once you get the ball rolling there’s no stopping you!
  • Post the Interview on any and all of your websites including Facebook, and your Discover Healing page. Tweet about it, and send an email blast to your contact list.
  • Ask the Radio Show host if their friends in the business might be interested in what you are offering.
  • Keep the Radio Show’s contact info, and keep in touch with them to continue the mutually beneficial relationship.

5. Host your own workshop

Hosting free events can be a great way to attract new clients and may lead to many paid opportunities! These can be phone calls, webinars, or in-person events. Teleseminars and virtual events are hugely popular and an easy way to reach potential clients from around the world. You can host these events through teleseminar or webinar platforms. Some of these platforms are even available for free, though there might be time and participant number limitations. People can call in on their phone, laptop, tablet, or computer from anywhere in the world. If you are a certified Emotion Code or Body Code Practitioner, you can host in-person or virtual workshops, however, there are a few requirements in your Certification Agreement that you’ll need to make sure you adhere to. These requirements are that the events are under two hours long, include less than 25 people, and must be free. 

6. Take Advantage of Larger Business Networks

If you’re a certified practitioner through Discover Healing, you have access to many wonderful ways to gain a bigger audience! Making sure you’re listed on our Practitioner Map can help you tap into our global network. We also offer a number of ways to be featured on our social media, YouTube, website, email newsletter, and more. Getting involved in these initiatives means more people will connect with you through our already established community. If you’re certified through another company, it’s likely they offer some similar perks for their practitioners. Don’t miss out, and explore these wonderful opportunities. 

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7. Share on Social Media

Social media is an ever-growing tool for marketing your energy healing business! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and other sites are free to post on and can connect you to many people who would benefit from your services. It does take work to create social media content that people connect with, but staying authentic to yourself and your business is a great first step. Focus on the things that you are an expert on, and share what you’re passionate about.

8. Use Accurate Language

It’s important not to make claims about your energy healing practice that could exaggerate your abilities or promise an absolute cure. This is important in order to make sure clients understand what energy healing can offer them, but also because of Federal Trade Commission (FTC) compliance. The FTC is a government body that has established a task force that takes a close look at the websites and marketing material of businesses offering health care products and services. By being sure to refer to your energy healing work appropriately, you can avoid any issues with FTC compliance. Some principles to keep in mind as you create your website and marketing materials are as follows:

  • Avoid absolute language that makes unsubstantiated claims
  • Focus on possibilities, rather than promises 
  • Avoid words such as ‘cure’ or ‘therapy’ that construe medical expertise (unless you have the appropriate medical licensing in addition to your energy healing certifications)
  • Steer away from referencing specific medical issues or conditions

Achieving Success with Your Energy Healing Business

Once these marketing strategies are in place, you may see an influx of new customers! Any time you become busy, it’s important to keep your business organized and professional in order to ensure your continued success. 

  • Use an Online Scheduling System for Energy Healing Appointments

Using technology to help you stay organized can be incredibly helpful! Software is available that allows prospective clients to easily see your availability online and book sessions. This can save you lots of time. Some of the scheduling software is also able to alert you ahead of your appointments, send automated reminders to your clients, and generally can make the booking process more efficient. Free appointment scheduling software options include:

Each of these has pros and cons and may integrate with other systems such as your online Calendar, Zoho, Squarespace web designer, and more. There are also many other options out there, so do some research and find the one that’s right for you and your business.  

  • Create a Designated Office Space

Choose an office space in your home, business, or even in a co-working space! If you typically conduct your energy healing business through video calls, make sure your background is simple, attractive, and clear of clutter. Try to set up somewhere quiet, where you won’t be interrupted during your sessions. You might try to schedule your sessions when you know you won’t be interrupted by family or friends. Additionally, it’s a good idea to set up somewhere with lots of natural light. Ideally, you’ll want the light to be coming from behind your camera so that it is shining on you. You might even consider purchasing a ring light online to help light your face. 

Use a good headset with a mic so you can keep your hands free and not have to worry about interference from the microphone. Microphones can pick up room noise, hence the need to have a nice quiet area. 

  • Supplement Your Business Income by Becoming an Affiliate

Becoming a Discover Healing Affiliate can help you supplement your energy healing business income. It’s easy to get started, and once you’re an affiliate, you’re able to earn additional money by promoting Discover Healing’s events, certifications, and other select products! We support you by creating content you can easily share, and you support us by connecting your community with this powerful energy healing work! Click here to read more about the benefits of joining our team as an Affiliate.

We love helping those who are passionate about energy healing become small business owners! One of the biggest benefits of becoming certified through Discover Healing is that by the end of your online certification course, you’ll be completely prepared to start your own business. If you’re ready to take the first step, sign up for Level 1: Emotion Code Certification today!