TESTIMONIAL | Led to The Emotion Code by Her Grandmother’s Voice

Yoriko Darshan Takui of the United Kingdom tells the story of finding The Emotion Code® and attending an event presented by Dr. Bradley Nelson. She and her children are bathed in a warm glow of golden light, experiencing peace, rest and rejuvenation. Years of chronic pain and exhaustion are gone and she hears her deceased grandmother's voice directing her to learn more about The Emotion Code. Positive changes occur in her life because of her new knowledge and use of The Emotion Code. This testimonial was recorded on May 21, 2018.


The Art and Science of Muscle Testing

Expand your understanding of Body Code best practices during this 90-minute Practitioner Education Call. You will learn the science of biofeedback subconscious muscle response, the art of muscle testing finesse, and the misconceptions and common problems associated with it. This was presented live on June 10, 2022 by Josh Nelson, CBCP, Director of Education, Discover Healing Staff Practitioner.


Walls: Subconscious Protective Barriers

This Practitioner Education Program Call explains the need at times for protection by creating energetic walls. Learn about the connection between emotional baggage and the dynamics of energy walls. Understand how and why these walls are created. Presented by Josh Nelson, CBCP; Director of Education at Discover Healing, on April 8, 2022.



- Red alert signs that you may be operating as a co-dependent person. - How codependency could be causing you to absorb energies from others. - How The Body Code could help you create better relationship dynamics. - How to protect yourself and your energy and still continue to help others. - Presented by Mary Ruiz on January 9, 2020.


Spring Renewal for Your Body and Home

This video replay explores creative ways to incorporate the Body Code™ in renewing your body and your home and bring things back into balance. Choose to focus and work on cleaning up, creating improvement in different areas, and achieving new goals. Lots of great ideas are addressed by Connie Barton, CBCP. Presented on March 19, 2020.


Balancing Resets

In this Practitioner Education Program webinar, the concept of balancing resets is explained, plus the timing on when to implement. Using balancing resets can quickly open up energy pathways, and allow processing that was stuck to move again. Ideas on working with energy-sensitive people is also discussed. Presented by Josh Nelson, CBCP, Director of Education, on February 16, 2022.


The Uniqueness of an Imbalance

On this Practitioner Education Call, Dr. Brad and Josh discussed the intricacies of energetic imbalances, why multiple imbalances cannot be simultaneously released, and why releasing imbalances from a group doesn't work. The presentation was followed by a live Q&A. Presented by Dr.Bradley Nelson and Josh Nelson on October 22, 2021.


Subconscious Resistance

On this second live quarterly Practitioner Education Call, Dr. Brad and Josh discuss subconscious resistance, answer live questions during an interactive Q&A session, and demonstrate a sample healing session. Presented Dr. Bradley Nelson and Josh Nelson on July 16, 2021. (German and Spanish subtitles coming soon.)


The Power of Intention

Dr. Brad and Josh discussed the importance of intention, giving examples of the most effective ways to apply this powerful concept for outstanding results. A sample, in-depth healing session was shown using a volunteer, and the call also included an interactive live Q&A. Presented Dr. Bradley Nelson and Josh Nelson on April 30, 2021. (German and Spanish subtitles coming soon.)


WEBINAR | The Domino Effect: Addressing Imbalances That Have Underlying Causes

- How to address imbalances with one or more underlying causes - How to prevent certain types of imbalances from being recreated - Practical guidance for performing thorough and efficient sessions - Tips for session note-taking to help you focus and stay on track - Presented by Natalie Nelson on November 21st, 2020.


Creating Your Ideal Weight and Fitness With The Body Code

- How loving your body at any size can empower you to get in control  - The invisible, yet powerful link between a sad heart and weight gain  - Imbalances that cause weight gain no matter what kind of diet you eat   - How being too good of a friend can interfere with your clothing size  - The body parts to balance in order to keep your weight steady and healthy - Presented by Lana Nelson, on January 13th, 2021


How The Six Types of Imbalance May Cause Neck Problems

- The links between your abdominal organs, your wrists, and your neck - Why your ”pain in the neck” pal may cause you to manifest actual physical symptoms - Why you seem to be “prone to headaches” and how to manage and possibly reverse this - How to create better spinal alignment and hold your adjustments better - Presented by Mary Ruiz, October 14th, 2020.


How to Handle Chronic and Recurring Issues with The Body Code

- Using "the question formula" for issues and goals, and how to know when to get specific - What it means (and what to do) when symptoms get better... but then come back - Why the best energy healers "surround the dragon" and how you can do it too - How to use your built-in search engine to approach stubborn discomfort and problems - Presented by Lana Nelson on September 16th, 2020.


Loving Your Joints: Creating Recovery and Mobility

- Dr. Brad will show how The Body Code™ can address problematic joints - New discoveries that give a deeper understanding of our recovery process - Decoding and resolving the symbolic emotional issues behind your joint problems - Self-care practices and nutrition ideas that could breathe new life into your joints Presented by Dr Bradley Nelson on May 26th, 2020.


PREMIUM WEBINAR | Steps to Clear Yourself And Move Toward Love and Forgiveness

- Steps to clear yourself and move toward love and forgiveness - Strategies for feeling safe when trust is damaged – How to forgive? - How holding grudges makes you susceptible to other problems - How to recognize when you are the one who needs to be forgiven - Tips to restore love, peace and well-being, and drop burdens of the past - Presented by Lana Nelson on February 13th, 2020.


PREMIUM WEBINAR | How to use Energy Work to Create Deeper Trust in Yourself

- How to recognize and remove potential causes of self-abuse - Strategies for feeling safer in expressing your true essence - Removing imbalances that may be causing you to betray or lie to yourself - Affirmations that may help you establish better internal boundaries - The relationship between self-trust and trust within other relationships - Presented by Lana Nelson on December 5th, 2019


PREMIUM WEBINAR | How Negative Energies Affect the Physical Body

This Premium Webinar will cover the effects of negative energies on the physical body. Trapped energies will be explained in terms of their life-cycle. Learn about conditions that contribute to problems and about what happens when negative energies are triggered and/or discovered. Be knowledgable enough to be able to share this information with others. Presented by Natalie Nelson on October 31st, 2019.


PREMIUM WEBINAR | Cultivating a Balanced State of Mind for Doing Energy Work

On this Premium Webinar, you will learn mindfulness practices that can help us to be better energy healers and how to develop more trust in your tuition and clarify muscle testing. We'll show you how to get out of your own way and adopt a mentality that will keep you balanced and open to truth. Presented September 18th, 2019.


PREMIUM WEBINAR | Using The Body Code to Address Adoption Related Stress

On this Premium Webinar, we'll discuss... - Using energy healing to help establish connections for the whole family - Understanding the sensitive and unique emotional needs of adoptees - DNA and how technology is changing life for adoptees and their families - How to help establish a balance of unique identity and sense of belonging.


PREMIUM WEBINAR | How to Create Healthier Emotional Experiences

In this premium webinar replay, you'll learn; how to use The Emotion Code® in the middle of a stressful event, how to reroute your feelings and choose more positive vibrations, how to recognize when a negative emotion is actually good for you, and how to put your negative feelings to good use, then feel fewer of them. Presented June 20th, 2019.


What is a cord?

An explanation of what a cord is, illustrative examples, where they form in the body, between people, how to release negative cords and how to install positive cords into the governing meridian using a simple magnet and intention.


What is a Shield?

Understand all about shields, what they are, what they can do to help you, how you can create one to protect yourself and your family, and why you will want one.