Because of The Emotion Code “When I Look in the Mirror a New Self Looks Back at Me”

"I still have a Heart-Wall®, but by using The Emotion Code® and releasing some of the Trapped Emotions from my Heart-Wall, so far I feel freer, lighter and happier. When I look in the mirror, a new self looks back at me." ~Antje Spanier, Germany [...]

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When Heart-Walls Cleared Mother and Daughter Notice Feeling Light, Hope and No More Anger

"I used The Emotion Code® to clear my mother, Jocelyn's, Heart-Wall® and afterward, she said she felt a lightness of being and a feeling of hope and that everything is going to be okay. Also, she has no desire to drink coffee any more! I [...]

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Feeling Lighter and Happier Overall After Trapped Emotions Released

"I have released Trapped Emotions® for my friend Lindsay. She is recently divorced and was experiencing a lot of emotions the past few months. She has reported feeling lighter and happier overall, and goes longer and longer between needing anything to be released." ~Trent Pace, [...]

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