Just Starting Emotion Code Certification and Already Seeing Unbelievable Results!

"I'm just starting the Emotion Code® Certification course. With my family and friends, I have already resolved headaches, dizziness and a lot of Heart-Wall® emotions. My cat had a serious injury to his leg, but once the trapped emotions had dissipated, its wound healed without [...]

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Stressful Situations are Easier Without a Heart-Wall

"Since releasing my Heart-Wall® with the Emotion Code®, I've noticed I'm much more at ease while dealing with stressful situations and generally much happier throughout my day." ~Angela Ramseyer, Oregon, USA While Discover Healing can't guarantee any specific results and submitted testimonials do not constitute [...]

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Relationships are More Loving; Encouraging Everyone to Live Lighter Without a Heart-Wall

"I had a Heart-Wall®. After releasing it with the Emotion Code®, I noticed huge improvements in all of my relationships, especially the difficult ones. I feel more loving and compassionate towards those "hard to love" loved ones and friends. The close relationships that were fulfilling [...]

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Rescue Dog Increasingly Cheerful and Playful After Surrogate Emotion Code Session

"My friend's street (rescue) dog named Theo was very frightened, nervous and anxious. He was content to hide in the farthest corner of the house and reluctant to make contact with the second dog there. He would not play or romp around, and often had [...]

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New Thought Patterns Help Emotion Code Users Approach Life with Success

This Emotion Code® student saw profound positive changes in herself and two others she knew after using the Emotion Code: Regina was able to diminish sadness regarding her marital situation. She was able to resolve her own emotional blocks and to make a fresh start [...]

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