“I Credit The Emotion Code Work With Getting Me On A Faster Track To Wellness”

"I fell off of a ladder on my back onto a cement floor in March. I experienced a tremendous amount of discomfort, decreased mobility and I was unable to work on my massage clients. Two weeks after the accident, my aunt did Emotion Code® work [...]

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After Her Heart-Wall Was Cleared, She Has Been A Super Joyous Girl

"I love working with children. I recently worked with a 9-year-old girl named Eman from London, UK. Her mother reported that she was complaining of having "butterflies" in her tummy and crying needlessly. I checked and found that Eman was experiencing severe anxiousness. Using The [...]

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Her Body Code Sessions Give “Validation and Confirmation That This Work Is REAL”

"After about one year of doing The Emotion Code® and The Body Code™ on family and friends, I was recommended to a woman I had never met before. She was in her early thirties and had struggled with infertility for over 7 years. They had [...]

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