“My husband and older son moved a treadmill down into our basement last fall. During the move the treadmill fell on my husband’s foot on the joint of his big toe. It has been hurting him since then, about 8-9 months ago. The discomfort varied, but more recently has become extremely uncomfortable. He does not like to go to the doctors, and refused to do so. Recently after two days of going to graduation parties and being on his feet, the intensity level became a 9 out of 10. Before going up to bed that night, he was half asleep on the couch and I told him I was going to go upstairs and use the Emotion Code® on his foot (by proxy). He agreed and I released approximately 8-10 emotions specifically for his foot. The next morning when I came downstairs, he called me into our dining room and he said, “Watch this!” He easily put on his sock and his face said it all. Prior to this, it was literally a production putting on his sock. This time with no effort he pulled the sock onto his foot. He was astonished, in awe really. The intensity level that morning was a 1-2 out of 10.

“A few days later I asked him how it was doing and he said it was up to a 3-4. I told him not to worry, that he likely had more to release (as we release in layers). He was off to work already, so I released more by proxy again. I texted him when I was finished and said, “Next time you’re out of the car, walk around and let me know how it feels.” He immediately texted me and said it felt better already! Still 2 weeks later and no more discomfort! Amazing!”

~Christi Tedeschi, New Jersey, USA

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