“My first experience with the Emotion Code® is one of my favorites. I majored in music education with a vocal emphasis. Two years ago I began to have laryngitis. I could not shake it no matter what I did. I went to specialized doctors, tried all kinds of medicine, and used every natural remedy I knew. I was stumped and very discouraged. I loved to sing. After six months of laryngitis, I was desperate.

“My sister called and told me to try the Emotion Code. I thought she was crazy and didn’t believe it would help me at all! However, at this point I was ready to try anything. How could it hurt? My first Emotion Code session released a lot of trapped anger. I had been angry at God for giving me challenging children with so many disabilities and behavior problems (I have two adopted children with severe behavioral issues and two children with bipolar disorders). I had stored that anger right in my vocal cords. A couple days after the session, my voice started to return. It was amazing! I kept doing it and it has blessed my life time and time again.

“I am singing all the time now. I will never forget that experience. I’m grateful God gave me a painful experience to wake me up to a new modality that has blessed not only my life, but the lives of so many others. Pain is a great teacher! Listen to it and it will help you learn something you’ve never learned before. The Emotion Code works!!”

~Janet Fullmer, CBCP; Utah, USA

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