Where I Am

"I had a Heart-Wall® over 19 feet tall. Once cleared through the Emotion Code®, I have noticed so much more joy in my life! I am so much more decisive, less distracted, and more content with where I am in life! Clearing my Heart-Wall also [...]

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"With the Emotion Code® we discovered that Sammy the dog had a lot of emotion around abandonment, fear, hatred, and grief. The owner reported that the dog had been stolen and abused before she found him again. In a follow-up session, the owner reported that [...]

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In Joy

"I have only experienced the Emotion Code® and Body Code™ through sessions with my healer friend, Jocelyn. She is amazing. I have had several sessions and follow up sessions. I feel lighter, able to be in joy much more often, and able to move through [...]

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