“I discovered energy healing a few years ago. I had stage three breast cancer. I was pregnant, so I chose not to go through chemotherapy. I became certified in Reiki and my Reiki master at that time also practiced Emotion Code® and Body Code™. She is now also certified in Belief Code®. I had a few sessions with her and realized how impactful energy healing can be. I signed up for the online courses and started with my Heart-Wall®. I progressed further gaining my certification in Body Code and Belief Code. I have done a lot of work to heal myself and am now cancer free! Along the way, I have been able to help so many other people to let go of trapped emotions, blocks, imbalances, and belief systems. I recommend the books to everyone who wants to learn to heal themselves and the website to anyone who wants to become certified to help others! I don’t have enough words to express how much I love and appreciate these practices.”

~Dominique N., Maine, USA

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