“I’ve had awareness of the blockages of my inner world but no amount of talk therapy, EMDR, or hypnotherapy seemed to help in a really noticeable way. In fact, it seems that some modalities perpetuate the victim mentality. Enough of that.

“I like to start [an Emotion Code®] session by explaining my theme or intention, short and sweet. Then it’s so nice to lie with my eyes closed, to just relax and listen to the practitioner as she follows the threads and releases the blockages. Sometimes I feel it in my body or in my emotions, it’s never the same. I love that I don’t need to engage with my conscious mind, that I trust her to do her thing.

“Ancestral emotions have followed me into this body; it felt like they were haunting me. I’ve felt them shifting, transmuting, and adjusting. Still there, but I can move through and release those emotions so much faster than in the past. My inner world will catch up with these healthy changes.

“Due to very real ongoing health concerns (4 hospital visits), I found myself overidentifying with being sick and in pain. I wanted to shift that dynamic. That can’t be my entire personality anymore. A practitioner stepped in, followed the threads, and just a few days later, I felt the weight on my shoulders shifting. I’m still not all better physically, but when people ask how I am, I’m more interested in talking about the improvements than telling the entire back story of suffering.

“My gallbladder was removed at the end of 2022, but I was still occasionally getting phantom pains. [The Emotion Code] has helped my body process and I haven’t had pain since. We’ll keep checking in; healing is a journey.”

~Franscis R., Western Cape, South Africa

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