“During my Emotion Code® certification course, I worked on a woman who had come to me with a range of emotional issues she wanted me to look at. After analyzing her situation, I felt that clearing her Heart-Wall® was going to be the best thing to start with. I had been working on clearing her Heart-Wall for about a month, when she contacted me to ask if the Emotion Code could have any benefits on the physical body, to which I explained to her that it can and why.

“She then went on to send me the following message:

‘Well, I’ve suffered from pain in the heel of my foot, literally for years, more than 5. It presents similar to plantar fasciitis and was recently diagnosed as Baxter’s neuropathy. The podiatrist recommended laser treatment due to the severity of the pain I was experiencing. This was all late last year. In recent weeks, I’ve noticed the pain is pretty much GONE. Now I’m talking about 10/10 pain, every single day. Some days I couldn’t walk and I could NEVER go barefoot. It’s gone Andy. I had a light bulb moment the other day; I think it’s because of you. THANK YOU. ♡♡♡’

“This really surprised me and I am very grateful to have been able to help her, including the major improvements on the issues she came to me with.”

~Andrew M., Western Australia, Australia

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